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Album Review: Everything I See by In Dynamics

Alt Rock trio In Dynamics release their debut album Everything I See on 18th July. Marrying the instrumental intricacy of post and math rock with a mainstream alt rock accessibility this an album full of big anthems, emotive hooks and instantaneous melodies. This is an album that surely must make In Dynamics huge.

It’s almost as if this is the album that would have resulted if Biffy Clyro had retained their older angular sound and blended it with their more mainstream sensibilities. It is more than just that though, although there will be the inevitable comparisons to Biffy Clyro and Arcane Roots, Everything I See should be listened to without preconceptions and enjoyed for the phenomenal album it is.

The power created by the trio is astounding, each track sounds huge and textured. Within the first three tracks you get a view of several different sides of the band, opener ‘This Is The Start Of Nothing’ is an epic alt rock song, commanding and forthright, it is statement of intent – blending big riffs with a pop sensibility that suckers the listener in. ‘We Are Liars’ goes for a more intricate feel with guitar parts complexly duelling with a steady yet challenging rhythm section. Then you have ‘In This Light’ that offers a more mainstream take on alt rock, instantly more accessible and radio friendly relying on emotion and big crescendos. All three sides of In Dynamics are fantastic and with the first three tracks you’re already in love.

From that point on Everything I See never dips, the standard stays top notch and big alt rock anthem follows big alt rock anthem. ‘Leviticus’ is the band’s big ballad moment that channels all the emotion within Beau Boulden’s vocal range. This will be the point of entry for a larger fanbase, this is the song with the potential to make In Dynamics massive. It sits wonderfully beside ‘Another Minute’ which is completely different beast, this is the point of entry Alt Dialogue readers want, this is In Dynamics at their very best. It is the moment that the band really push the blend of epic post rock sounds with commanding alt rock – the complex riffs complement the mainstream hooks wonderfully as the track cements itself as your favourite track.

‘Vital’ is another of the moments you think could provide the band their break through into the mainstream, another delectable slice of commanding emotive alt rock. ‘Existence Precedes Essence’ is the angular yet infectious rock that older Biffy Clyro fans wish for before ‘The Weight of Wait’ provides some of the best guitar solos heard this year all with a generous helping of emotive vocals. Album closer and title track ‘Everything I See’ finishes a wonderful album in exemplary fashion. Condensing the different tones and textures of the previous nine tracks into an epic 5 minutes you’d be hard pushed to find a better album closer in 2016.

It’s hard to imagine Everything I See not being the album that makes In Dynamics huge. This is a remarkable debut and all success is richly deserved. Essential

AD Rating 8.5/10

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