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EP Review: The Wolves Back Home by Chapter and Verse

East London hard hitting alt rock quartet Chapter and Verse release their debut EP The Wolves Back Home on 15th July. Formed in early 2015, the four boys came together with an immensely diverse taste but a unified vision of creating honest, passionate and hard-hitting tunes.

The power and visceral energy is the first thing to hit you. Opener ‘The New Breed’ is a formidable beast that acts as a call to arms and announces Chapter and Verse as a band with potential in abundance. Couple that with ‘Tunnels’ and you’ be forgiven for thinking that this is a band that have spent years honing their sound and getting it perfect.

There’s a disenfranchised energy to every track on The Wolves Back Home, it feels like an EP perfect for the current state of the UK. There’s many people that will be able to relate and get on board with this. ‘Shelf Life’ has some excellent thunderous guitar work that weaves a pattern between post hardcore, alt rock and sporadically veers to the almost metalcore. What sets Chapter and Verse out from their contemporaries is the exceptional vocal work from Josh Carter. Distinctive and instantly likeable it’s complemented by screamed back vocals every so often.

‘Electric Tongues’ shows the band can do more than just big hard-hitting alt rock. Fragile and heart wrenching when it needs to be, it marks out the range and talent at the heart of Chapter and Verse. ‘Slave’ closes the EP in commanding style – it has the potential to be a future anthem.

Get in on the Chapter and Verse action now, these boys are going to be huge.

AD Rating 7.5/10

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