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News: Wrongpop launch charity album for Checkemlads



Following his battle with testicular cancer Wrongpop founder Stephen Clarke has launched a charity compilation album to raise money for the charity Checkemlads. Stephen comments:

‘I am happy to tell you about a charity album that I’ve been working on in aid of Checkemlads, the testicular cancer charity that helped me with my fight against the disease – and this is my way of giving back..  I was diagnosed in May 2014, and got the all clear on July 31st 2015, and a year to the day (31st July, 2016) will be the release date of the album. ‘

Featuring 26 exclusive tracks by Mogwai, Future Of The Left, Cleft, Terminal Cheesecake, Teeth Of The Sea and many more (full list below) it will be available for one month only on Bandcamp for £5.00. All profits made will go directly to the charity and help to raise awareness as early detection can save lives. The album is available for pre-order as of now on Bandcamp, with two tracks available immediately for whoever buys it.


  • Cleft – Frankenstein (Live at Bush Hall 24/11/15)
  • USA Nails – You Sing For Yourself (Lyon Radio Session 2015)
  • Hey Colossus – Eat It (Live in Belgium)
  • Part Chimp – Solid Gone (demo)
  • Taman Shud – Hex Inverted (Live at The Lexington)
  • Terminal Cheesecake – Herbal Waveride
  • Henry Blacker – Roman Nails
  • Sweet Williams – Half Stripped (T House 4-Track Demo)
  • Future of the Left – Tell The Truth About The Brace Position
  • Silent Front – Suit For A Certain Occasion (remastered)
  • Alpha Male Tea Party – You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Play Acoustic
  • Songhoy Blues – Petit Metier (Live at KOKO 04/11/15)
  • The Wharves – Sweet Merry Time
  • Then Thickens – Hey Creator
  • Cowtown – Not Sure
  • Grey hairs – Terry
  • Poly-Math – Knight, Death & The Devil Pt. II (Live at Old Mill Studios)
  • Melting Hand – Pidgeon Dhansak
  • The Oscillation – Lonely People (Radio Edit)
  • Lay Llamas – Eye Chest People’s Dance Ritual (I Saw a Flash Out There)
  • The Fierce and the Dead – Un Film
  • Karhide – Anchoring
  • Teeth of the Sea (feat. Rachel Davies from Esben & The Witch) – Love Theme For The Last Man
  • In Violet – Burden
  • Rumour Cubes – At Sea (acoustic)
  • Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan (Live at Barrowlands, Glasgow, 20/06/15)


Pre-order and listen to two tracks from Cleft and Alpha Male Tea Party now

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