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Singles/Video Round-Up June 2016

Please accept our apologies, we’ve let our singles/videos round up go to the dogs over recent months. Normal service is being resumed and below we round up the 10 most essential songs that have graced our radar in the last 4 weeks.


Code Talker by Rootwork
Imagine a blend of QOTSA, Baroness and Mastadon and you’re on the right track for this storming track. Lifted from the Gallows Humour EP from last year this is one of Rootwork’s best and most inventive tracks. A blistering start to our round up.

Theodor’s A Don, Bro by We Are Carnivores
Tipped by some to be your essential math rock band of 2016, We Are Carnivores return with the title track from their forthcoming EP (due on 22nd July). It encapsulates the sound of the band perfectly – chaotic math rock with hooks and an infectious quality

Fake My Own Death by Sum 41
Yes, Sum 41 are back. There’s no surprises here, it’s pretty much as you’d expect – a big chorus, big hooks and meaty punk riffs. It feels like the same Sum 41 of 15 years ago just older and not necessarily more mature. The video is truly awful.

I Think It’s Best We Don’t Talk Anymore by Capsize
On first listen it comes in as your average post-hardcore sound, but it’s a grower. It slowly and surely develops into an enjoyable track if you can get over the blatant homage to early My Chemical Romance. One for the teenagers

Senior Pictures by Vomit Face
Heavy on the Nirvana influences this is one for the grunge purists. Vocal wise it couldn’t be more Kurt Cobain-esque and music wise it takes the Bleach template, slows it down and makes it a touch heavier. You can’t help but think it would have been a cracking track if they’d developed it a little more. Raw.

Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) by Fall Out Boy
If you’ve managed to miss the worst film theme song of the year (if not ever) we here to highlight this monstrosity. Fall Out Boy had already turned into a vapid pop band, this just takes it one more step into the plain awful. Missy Elliot guests…

Piranhas by The Mirror Trap
These Scottish boys are tipped to be the next things in the rock world. You can see why – it’s inoffensive, bland middle of the road rock. Why are we giving you another dud? So you’re prepared for the future of rock music. It’s only slightly less terrifying than Brexit.

Prove It! by Rob Lynch
Unfamiliar with Rob Lynch? This is your perfect starting point; remember he’s signed to Xtra Mile… That should tell you everything you need to know. They love a punky singer songwriter more than Farage loves scaremongering. It’s like a poppier Frank Turner.

Mario 1-2 by Schnarff Schnarff
This is what we’ve been building up to. This is the point at which this round up takes off and to make it even better it’s a free download! Parts of emo, post hardcore, alt rock and grunge all get thrown into the mix for this belting track. Lifted from their forthcoming The Evil That We Do (9th September) keep your eyes out for them.

Palm Dreams by Touché Amoré
Touché Amoré are the essential melodic/emotional hardcore band. If this new track is anything to go by 2016 is going to be the year that they get massive. Easily their most accessible material to date this will appease people that thought they were a little too abrasive. For everyone else it still has the obvious Touché Amoré sound at its core. Phenomenal.


 Hopefully that’s us back on track with the singles/videos round up and we’ll see you again in July!


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