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EP Review: Paralax by Surviving The Era

Surviving The Era have released their new EP Paralax (self-release).  It’s an EP that’s rammed to the rafters in big anthemic alt rock. Think Thrice at their most accessible with hints of the pop sensibilities of Paramore and Anberlin.

Being perfectly honest, Surviving The Era aren’t going to set the world alight – it’s a tried and tested sound – but they do have an accessible and infectious sound that should see them welcomed by many fans of mainstream alt rock. They don’t quite have the quality to be your new favourite band, but they should definitely be on your radar.

‘Here In The Dark’ and ‘City Church’ are thoroughly enjoyable songs, which verge on having a kind of pop rock swagger that The Lostprophets had before it all went wrong. The enjoyable thing about Paralax is that while it is a steadfast mainstream alt rock release it has the credibility that many similar bands lack. While their contemporaries have an over produced bland sound there’s something raw and primal lurking just below the surface of Surviving The Era.

‘Give It Up’ will appeal to the fan of slightly heavier alt rock before EP closer ‘Maps’ excels in accessible and inoffensive middle of the road rock.

AD Rating 6/10

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