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Album Review: If I’m The Devil…. by Letlive.

Letlive. release their new album If I’m The Devil… on June 10th via Epitaph. Their previous three albums have seen the band garner plenty of rave reviews and a legion of fans. While their fans would tell you that the band’s sound is rooted in a blend of metalcore and post hardcore it’s more akin to a blend of MOR rock and nu-metal. Imagine Linkin Park trying their hardest to be political mixed with the new pop sensibilities of Bring Me The Horizon and you’ve got If I’m The Devil….

You might question why we’ve even bothered to review If I’m The Devil… and we wouldn’t blame you. It’s on the very outer limits of ‘alternative’, it’s unchallenging, bland, full of filler and it tries so hard to be political that it’s almost laughable. So why are we reviewing it? Well we can imagine that this is going to get a lot of positive attention – it’s meek fodder for the masses – and we’ll be the voice of reason. Letlive. are the kind of band that get hyped up by the mainstream rock press because it’s accessible music with an affected punk attitude. There’s no punk credibility when you’re being political for the sake of selling records.

Ironically ‘Another Offensive Song’ is the least offensive thing on If I’m The Devil…. It’s the only track in all eleven that has a bit of gusto about it, the only one that has a hint of genuine attitude and the only one that isn’t offensively bland and safe. ‘Nu Romantics’ is disgustingly poppy and ‘Copper Colored Quiet’ couldn’t sound more like an American pop band trying to have ‘rawk’ attitude if tried.

‘Good Morning America’ is the band trying to be the protest band for the millennial generation. It’s meant to challenge the insincerity of protests and be the voice for the disenfranchised, but it just seems so affected. It doesn’t seem genuine; it feels like an act and a ploy to sell records. Perhaps that’s down to the how awful the music is, ‘Who You Are Not’ comes close to being one of the worst songs we’ve had the unfortunate experience of reviewing. It’s so formulated towards accessible MOR rock that it’s blandness makes you seethe. Surprisingly ‘Foreign Cab Rides’ is a rare moment where Letlive. aren’t awful, it’s actually quite an enjoyable track whilst ‘Reluctantly Dead’ makes an almost acceptable attempt at a stomping alt rock track. If I’m The Devil… is the contrary try hard political arsehole you went to school with.

AD Rating 2/10

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