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Interview: Lost Avenue chat to Alt Dialogue

We recently featured an exclusive stream of Lost Avenue’s debut single here, that’s now been followed up with a video for ‘Killing Time’ which you can view below. To mark the occasion we caught up with the band for a quick chat.


 ‘Killing Time’ gained some good attention on Radio 1 etc, how has the reaction been in general?

It’s been extremely positive! A lot of people have been saying some very nice things about the single. It means a lot to us because we have a great deal of faith in these songs.


Is there any themes or specific influences being the new tracks? 

We listen to a lot of different music, and a lot of bands inspire us, but there’s not really any specific influence on this release, it’s just us. We recorded and mixed the tracks in Smalltown America Studios in Derry. The three of us as well as Chris Cassidy and Caolan Austin (who engineered) work extremely well together. The whole process was exactly what we wanted it to be.


Why should Alt Dialogue readers check out Lost Avenue?

We are a band doing our own thing, we are independent. We tour and we make music that we believe in. We love to play shows and make every one special, we make it intense…we love what we do. I think the people that read Alt Dialogue appreciate that sort of thing.


What has the rest of the year got in store for the band?

We are giving the single a full release on a range of formats on the 24th of June…we are going to celebrate that with a show in Sandinos in our hometown of Derry. We will continue launching and promoting the release throughout Ireland this summer, then we will be touring the UK mainland in September. We’ll follow that up with some more dates in Ireland in October, then we plan on going straight into the studio and starting work on a new project.

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