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Album Review: To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere by Thrice

Alt Rock luminaries Thrice returned with the release of their ninth studio album (and first since they went on hiatus in 2012) To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere on the 27th May. It shows the band in their finest form, confident and commanding throughout this is the essential Thrice album.

Many saw the release of Major/Minor (2011) as the best way for Thrice to sign off; it marked the pinnacle of their career with success and critical acclaim. Those people were right, and now is exactly the right time for Thrice to return. To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere is an album that injects some much needed life and vibrancy into the Alt-Rock genre. It packs oomph and a ‘this is how you do it’ attitude without doing anything ground breaking, essentially it’s just a very good alt rock album.

To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere is Thrice at their most accessible, it wouldn’t be a stretch to put this as the starting point for anybody new to the band. It has an instantaneous quality that hasn’t been obvious on earlier releases, where previously you needed a little perseverance and effort this engrains itself from the outset. It’s a proper album too, it flows wonderfully and is best enjoyed in one continuous listen rather than individual tracks.

Tracks like ‘Stay With Me’, ‘Blood On The Sand’, ‘Death From Above’ and ‘Wake Up’ are genuinely great songs, yet you’ll find them blurring into the general feel of the album. It becomes one heaving beast, each track serving its purpose as part of the mass without stealing focus. You’ll instantly know To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere as being Thrice, there’s a familiarity here straight off yet it’s the freshness and life at the heart of the sound that sends a shiver down the spine.

Here  you have an album that acts as a timely reminder of just how good Thrice are. There’s times when a band can go on hiatus and they can turn into a thing of legend without proper reason, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere shows that the admiration is deserved. While it mightn’t create anything ground breaking it does give a masterclass in alt rock.

AD Rating 8/10

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