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Label in Focus: Holy Roar Records

In our latest Label In Focus feature we chat to Alex Fitzpatrick, label owner/founder of Holy Roar Records. With releases from Brontide, Down I Go, Fall of Messiah, and Rolo Tomassi since Alt Dialogues inception it was only natural that they were next on the list.


How did the record label start?

The label was born out of my time at university in Birmingham where I ran a music website, put on shows and released a couple of local bands and a compilation CD. I then moved to London to try and find a ‘real’ job after university….with Holy Roar starting off as hobby on the side of the job, in order to not become an alcoholic or something else awful due to the soul-destroying media job I found myself in, in the early days of the label.

Is there an ethos or mission statement behind the label?

Treat bands as we wish to be treated. Work with people we like. Be fair. Be transparent. Never release awful music just because it looks like it might sell. Never work with people who have dodgy views. Always try and maintain a decent aesthetic.

What key things does your label look for in a band?

To be great live, hardworking primarily in the live arena but also online etc, to be nice people, to have a strong visual element in their artwork and merchandise.

Is there anything that would make you not sign a band?

Dodgy values (eg racist/sexist/homophobic) primarily. Obviously they have to be good and be good live and to our tastes. To be honest – usually when a band has a crap logo or crap artwork, 99/100 they are crap, so it’s pretty easy to filter out bad bands….

If you had to pick out one the signing of one band as a highlight, who would it be?

Well Rolo Tomassi has been pivotal and defining and I’ve always loved them. Probably them!

Release wise; is there a particular you’re most proud of?

I think the Pariso/Kerouac split 5”/credit card CD was the best in terms of packaging and concept. We were very proud of More Than Life’s ‘What’s Left of Me’ too.

What upcoming releases on Holy Roar are you most looking forward to?

All of them! Very excited by the forthcoming debut record by Conjurer, and new albums from Departures and Apologies, I Have None.


Listen to Wrong, White Lung, Nothing, The Tidal Sleep, Three Trapped Tigers, møl and Bossk.


**5 key songs released on Holy Roar

Rolo Tomassi – Film Noir

Throats – My Hands Are Cold

Brontide – Kith & Kin

Svalbard – Perspective

Slabdragger – Mercenary Blues

**5 key songs that made Holy Roar come into existence

Torche – Holy Roar

Hatebreed – Burn The Lies

Botch – Framce

Neurosis – Through Silver In Blood

Curl Up And Die – Damn Girl, That Shit Is Deep Like The Ocean

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