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EP Review: Bad Blood by Making Monsters

Derry alt-rock four piece Making Monsters release their new EP Bad Blood on 13th May. Commenting on releasing new material, the band say,It’s about time. This EP means a lot to us and marks a new era for the band. We’ve grown up, but things are still a little bit temperamental. We just can’t wait to put it out there and to let everyone hear it. It’s a progression in sound; we’ve had some time to think carefully about our next release and these songs are more mature and well-crafted because of that. We’re confident there’s a bit of something for everyone in there!”

Previously known for their aggressive alt-metal, as the band say, Bad Blood is a progressive step forward for the band. This iteration of Making Monsters is one that have honed their sound and come up with something thrilling and captivating. They still retain some of that aggression that made first bought them to peoples attention, this time it’s packaged as a more accessible product. This this the EP that can potentially move the band from an insular local scene to a global mainstream rock audience.

Tours with the likes of Young Guns, Max Raptor and Fightstar have seemingly influenced their sound and quite frankly it’s done them the world of good. Opener and title track ‘Bad Blood’ is a storming introduction to the new sound before the band hone it through the formidable ‘Call Me Out’ and the infectious ‘Better’. It’s on ‘We Aren’t Living’ that you get the sense that Making Monster have the potential to become mainstream rock titans. It’s powerful and full of gusto that many of their contemporaries lack. Emma Gallagher’s stretched and impassioned vocal gives the track a genuine magic. ‘Rose’ thumps and pummels in the most accessible way possible before closer ‘Noodle Soup’ hints at the Making Monsters of hold. It markedly heavier and packs a different kind of punch to the rest of the EP, yet it feels like it’s more polished than before.

This is Making Monsters’ moment. This is the EP that can make them and propel them into a completely different league. Get in on the action now.

AD Rating 8/10

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