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EP Review: Anyone & Everyone by Colour Me Wednesday

London DIY punk band Colour Me Wednesday have released their new EP Anyone & Everyone (with a physical release due on 1st August, pre-order here). It’s four simmering punk tracks in a similar vein to Lemuria. Naturally the female vocal makes it an easy comparison, however it goes deeper than that. It’s a similar, upbeat and life affirming sound that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Opener ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ is a easy introduction to the band, it’s an accessible and enjoyable without much of a challenge. ‘Two-Fifty for you Girls’ gives you more of a punk energy and stands out as the best track on the EP, it makes you breakout in a grin. ‘Horror Story’ revels in punk sound that’s been dipped in an vat of 90s indie, it’s an accessible track that hints at something special but comes just short. ‘In Your Shoes’ is the least punk track on the EP and it does it the world of good. The electronic elements and in your face pop hooks points towards a sound that could make Colour Me Wednesday unique and a thrilling prospect.

If the structure of Anyone & Everyone points towards a poppier sound for Colour Me Wednesday then that’s a good thing. Conversely you could be forgiven for thinking that they could also make the move to a punkier sound. Either way they need to move in one direction, unfortunately this EP sits firmly in the middle.

AD Rating 6/10

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