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Album Review: Paradise by White Lung

Canadian grunge punks White Lung have released their new album Paradise. Coming off the back of their critically acclaimed third album Deep Fantasy (2014), the band pick up where they left off with their unique brand of high octane and frantic punk, mixed with a heavier and darker grunge elements.

As has become expected with White Lung Paradise is all done at a breakneck speed, clocking in at just over minutes yet this time around there’s something a little more instantaneous and life affirming about it all. Every song here hits the mark perfectly and feels as if it has been honed and refined perfectly. Previously White Lung have fallen foul of having a couple of standout tracks on each album with the rest seeming making up the space, fortunately Paradise stands out as being the opposite.

Opener ‘Dead Weight’ and ‘Narcoleptic’ are early signs that this is a version of White Lung at their very best, but it’s not until ‘Below’ that you realise that Paradise is something special. Not only does it overshadow the bands previous work, it also manages to overshadow all of the bands contemporaries and genre mates. This is a delectable punk rock song with an instantaneous hook and the ability to ingrain itself right down to your very core. From that high point Paradise stays in or around the same level, the heavy guitars of ‘Demented’ and the frantic punk energy of ‘Sister’ are highlights.

Lead single ‘Hungry’ is another genuine contender for the best track on the album. Like ‘Below’ it takes on an instantaneous quality that was perhaps lacking in previous White Lung material. The 80s tone to the bassline is particularly enjoyable and shows another string to the bow of the band. Couple the track with the thrilling and infectious energy of ‘I Beg You’ and you begin to think that this may be the album that pushes White Lung on to the next level and makes them genuine contenders for the best punk band of 2016.

‘Vegas’ packs the most visceral punch of the album. There’s a ferocious energy that pummels you to within a inch of your live before the garage punk energy of album closer and title track ‘Paradise’ rounds of a formidable album in real style. With their fourth album White Lung have realised their full potential, produced their best material and have potentially become your new favourite punk band.

AD Rating: 9/10

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