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EP Review: Snakes & Ladders by Colt-45

Cumbrian blue-collar punk trio Colt-45 release their new EP Snakes & Ladders on 29th April via Visible Noise Records. It’s an EP awash in the brutal honesty of dealing with adversity and overarching DIY ethic.

EP opener ‘I Can Forgive But I Won’t Forget’ is a riotous punk number full of simmering rage, but crucially it’s instantaneous. Lead single ‘All Hell Broke Loose’ is the EP’s standout track, the hook is immediate while there’s enough punk energy to get the blood racing. Drummer Adam Lewis explains: “All Hell Broke Loose was the first track we wrote for our new EP, ‘Snakes & Ladders.’ It fits in nicely with the broader theme of the record – it’s about coming to terms with the fact that hard work and passion aren’t necessarily going to be enough to take you where you want to go, and that ultimately you’re on your own and you have to make your own luck. It’s that idea of one step forward, two steps back to make progress, and as a DIY band, that’s what we’re used to, and that’s where we feel comfortable.”

‘Lost for Words’ plays like a punkier old Frank Turner anthem of disenfranchisement in that it contains a relatable message while having an immediate hook. ‘Square One’ deals with the devastating consequences of the Cumbrian floods, before ‘What You See Is What You Get’ takes on an Alkaline Trio style of dark pop punk. ‘Two Steps’ rounds of the EP with all the unruly punk energy of the 90s.

While Snakes  & Ladders is unlikely to set the world alight, it is a strong and commanding record worthy of your attention.

AD Rating 5.5/10

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