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Album Review: OK by The Fall Of Troy

The Fall of Troy released their fifth studio album OK yesterday (20th April) as pay-what-you-want through their website. The band released the following statement, “This album represents hope; that things can be different, that the past doesn’t have to always weigh on the present. We give this album to you now for free, because we know that you deserve it. Rather than try to squeeze every penny from people who have given us opportunities beyond our wildest dreams, we wanted to give you a gift, for all the gifts you’ve given us over the years.”

In the seven years since their last release, a hiatus in 2010 and the following sporadic reformation in 2013, The Fall of Troy have become one of the most revered bands in the math rock and post hardcore scenes. Whether you were a fan of the more immediate and hook-laden sound of Doppelganger (2005) or the more challenging Phantom on the Horizon EP (2008), OK has something for every fan.

A word of warning for the new comer to The Fall of Troy, they’ve never been the easiest band to get on-board with straight away. Even at their most accessible the sound is still abrasive and challenging. While some may be in awe of Thomas Erak’s profoundly technical and intricate guitar playing others may find it too much on first listen. Stick with it, reacquaint yourself with the band, give it a couple of listens and you’ll find yourself listening to one of 2016’s strongest and most commanding albums.

It’d be fair to say that OK is an amalgamation of every previous iteration of the band. Here you’ll find some of their best and most crushing riffs, their best hooks, mind blowing intricacies and some formidably devastating drumming. Take ‘Auto Repeater’ as a point of reference, it blends all the finest points of The Fall of Troy, coming in close to the most ambitious and proficient work they’ve committed to record. As previously mentioned you might not get it on first listen but give it time and this will be your go-to track.

You won’t find a weak track within OK, from the wonderfully complex and chaotic ‘401k’ through to the sporadically moving and hard hitting closer ‘Your Loss’. There’s curve balls thrown in throughout; from the reggae style guitars on the opening track the hardcore blast beats of ‘Savior’ pummelling you before comprehensive intricate guitar parts sweep you off your feet. You’d be a fool for trying to predict where each track is going to go next, but can be pretty sure it’s going to be superb. ‘A Single Word’ and ‘An Ode to the Masochists’ are up there with the best work The Fall of Troy have done.

OK is the welcome return of The Fall of Troy, they’ve pulled this straight from the top drawer. The best gift any fan could’ve asked for.

AD Rating 9/10

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