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Album Review: The Wreckage by Holy Fever

Punks Holy Fever release their debut album The Wreckage on 8th April. The band are comprised of members of underground punk favourites American Nightmare, The Hope Conspiracy, and The Explosion, and with crossover members of indie-pop band Beginners. The Wreckage comes out sounding spikey, urgent and utterly infectious. Imagine the hook filled songs of Great Cynics and Muncie Girls, ramp it up a notch and you’ll be on the right track.

Sure it might all sound a little familiar, but there’s nothing wrong with that when the quality is good. This is right out of the top drawer of accessible punk rock. You don’t have to look further than album opener ‘Duress’ to get a good sense of the album. As the band says, “The sense of urgency and aggression in “Duress” mimics the headspace we were in at the time we wrote it. We were toward the end of writing the record and simultaneously exhausted and filled with adrenaline as we started to see the finish line. Sam had this idea that the chorus would just be one note and the lyric would be one word.” That simplicity and urgency is common place throughout The Wreckage.

The lack of grandeur is what gives Holy Fever their infectious sound. It’s no frills punk rock; while they go for the jugular they do it in the nicest way. They could be a wonderful gateway band, let the infectious hooks sucker you in and go on to discover a host of more discernible punk bands (including band members other work).

There’s spurts of abrasive punk for the most ardent, take ‘What Now’ in comparison to ‘We Are The Wreckage’ and it sounds like a snarling beast. ‘Someday’ rounds off a trio of great songs throwing the knack for a big hook and delectable female harmony against a snarling male vocal. There’s not a weak track on The Wreckage, it’s all brilliantly infectious and enjoyable without being challenging. ‘Separate The Night’, ‘Something’s Coming’ and album closer ‘Many Roads To Follow’ are amongst the catchiest and best punk tracks released this year.

Holy Fever are the punk rock band you can introduce to your Mum. Inoffensive and thoroughly enjoyable, get on board.

AD Rating 7.5/10


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