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Album Review: Congratulations by Holy Pinto

Canterbury two piece Holy Pinto release their new album Congratulations on 8th April. Veering from weird indie-pop to the fringes of emo and punk, you’ll find the album to be an infectious and easy listen.

The cynic would argue that Congratulations is such an easy listen that it becomes unremarkable and non-descript. Conversely the idealist would say the jovial jingle jangle and light melodies is exactly what makes Congratulations a great album. The truth of the matter is that it lies somewhere between the two.

While you’re listening to the album it’s difficult to find obvious fault. Every song is thoroughly enjoyable and you’ll find yourself singing along to the delightful melodies in ‘Hospital Room’ and ‘Floripa’. The problems lie in when Congratulations finishes. It’s then you realise that the album has barely scratched the surface. It leaves absolutely no lasting effect and apart from one or two standout points it’s hard to remember anything major about the album.

For the most part this is whimsical indie-pop, throw away tunes that while not being remotely earth shattering are immensely enjoyable when you listen to them. You won’t come rushing back to the album but you can appreciate there’s some genuine and real talent at the heart of Holy Pinto. You have to be thankful that the album contains ‘Tooth’ and ‘Phantom Limb’. They make the album so much better. The former stands out as being an excellent indie-punk track with its spikey core and infectious harmonies while the drawn-out assured indie of the latter makes it a delightful listen.

The album may not reach those heady heights again, but tracks like ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Elliot’ are still excellent indie tracks. Put those track alongside bands like The Kooks and The View and they’d standout as being on an equal footing (if not above). Essentially it’s a good indie-pop album, it’s inoffensive and easy on the ear. You’ll enjoy it, but you won’t rush back.

AD Rating 6/10

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