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Album Review: The Solution Is The Problem by I Plead Irony

Alt rock three piece I Plead Irony release the sophomore album The Solution Is The Problem on 1st April via Rose Coloured Records. It’s a formidable and commanding album that channels the infectious punk rock of Billy Talent with the lashings of early/mid 00s post hardcore.

I Plead Irony are probably one of the best bands you haven’t heard of. The ability to write a big blustering alternative rock song is undeniable, it’s instantaneous and compelling. The only problem being that it doesn’t sound all that original. The sound is so familiar that you’ll feel like you’ve known the band for years. For many other bands this would be a terrible thing, for I Plead Irony they take their influences from all the right places and it sounds wonderful.

I Plead Irony

You can’t help full get swept up in the emotive and powerful hard rock of ‘What’s Best For You’ and ‘Just A Machine’. Both sound huge and the infectious vocal and lyrics mean you’ll be singing along before you’ve finished your first listen. Each track on The Solution Is The Problem gets straight to the point and packs a serious punch, there’s no unnecessary grandeur. There’s a definitive punk / post-hardcore template that the band stick to stringently. While some could consider it formulaic, it keeps the band focused and interesting.

‘Sisyphus’ wears it’s mid 00s influences on its sleeve (much like the rest of the album) yet still comes out as one of the most infectious and instantly likeable tracks on the album. ‘Prove Me Wrong’ feels like a track that early Biffy Clyro would be proud of. It’s a remarkably strong track that you can’t help but fall in love with.

The Solution Is The Problem is an album that’s easy to get on board with. While it might not set the world alight it is thoroughly enjoyable and well worth your time.

AD rating 7/10

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