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EP Review: The Painted Sky by Speaking In Italics

UK Melodic Post-Hardcore outfit Speaking in Italics released their new EP The Painted Sky via Robot Needs Home on the 11th March 2016. As you’ve come to expect, it’s big impassioned post-hardcore with soaring guitars awash in a talent that marks them out from their contemporaries.

Speaking in Italics certainly come in at the more progressive end of post-hardcore with their sound making many a nod towards Coheed and Cambria – it’s one of the most appealing things about their sound. Yet you can’t help but feel that there’s something missing on The Painted Sky.

While the quality on all five tracks is undeniable, there isn’t a time when you think Speaking in Italics are doing anything more than treading water. ‘Leave the Light On’ is the only track that threatens to leave a lasting impression while the rest are instantly forgettable. The quieter and drawn out nature of ‘Sidelined’ has the potential to be a storming track, but it’s as if the band decided that there was no point in pushing themselves.

It’s hard to feel anything other than disappointment when listening to The Painted Sky. For a band with the obvious talent of Speaking in Italics you expect more, you expect something special, something that gets your blood pumping. The Painted Sky does none of this and the fact that you’d be hard pushed to say anything about the majority of the EP minutes after finishing it says a thousand words.

AD Rating 5.5/10

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