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EP Review: A Different Kind of Perfect by Alkanes

Aberdeen back alt rock act Alkanes release their debut EP A Different Kind Of Perfect on 18th March. Following the last gig from Inverness band Purple Divide in 2013, Guitarist Dale Sutherland looked to challenge himself with a new project. After experimenting with his song writing, Dale set his sights on a project a little heavier than Purple Divide. With a particular focus on big dynamic riffs and drawing influence from bands such as Arcane Roots, Biffy Clyro, Muse, Oceansize and Fightstar. Dale began to develop what was to become the sound of Alkanes.

That sound is a raw and imperfect blend of those afore mentioned acts. The content and musical aptitude of Alkanes is overshadowed by the compelling rawness at the heart of each track. It is a sound that you feel is still at the formative stages, in the process of being honed there’s a lot of room for improvement but the talent is undeniable.

Each of the five tracks on A Different Kind Of Perfect offer a glimpse into what should become an excellent band. At the moment the raw energy is carrying the band through an enjoyable flawed EP. Second track ‘Persistence to Existence’ is excellent with its soaring guitars and crushing riffs while the final minute of the track is a wonderfully cacophony of guitars and vocals. Its flaws are too obvious though with the different parts of the track coming across as disjointed.

The title track walks the line between Alt Metal and Alt Rock with some churning riffs before playing homage to an early nineties sound. Both ‘Brown Tape’ and ‘Music In The Grooves’ allude to excellence yet come up just short. Nevertheless, A Different Kind Of Perfection is a strong debut that is more than worthy of your attention.

AD Rating 6.75/10

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