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White Noise Radio guide us through their debut EP

Hark back to last week and you may remember we reviewed White Noise Radio’s debut EP (here). If that wasn’t enough we caught up with the band for a track by track guide of the EP. Pick up the release on their bandcamp and head to their website for news and everything else

The Devil You Know

Richard Feynman describes scientific rationality while glockenspiels, massive distorted drums and deliciously dark guitars set the scene for the rest of the EP. This track was initially written as an intro for our live shows but developed to become a part of the record



Dirt doesn’t mess about; it’s a big, headbanging riff right from the start. Spacious verses provide a counterpoint to the anthemic chorus, and a breakdown straight from the depths of hell sits square in the middle of the song.


Time Travel

If we were releasing a single, this would be it. It combines all the elements of White Noise Radio; big, memorable hooks and a driving chorus with nuanced songwriting and spacious, ethereal guitars.


Cellar Vision

One of the EP’s slow-burners, this song deals with apathy and lost opportunities. Melancholy guitars soar over a tight drum and bass groove, eventually climaxing with a powerful, cathartic solo.


Masks of a Burning Man

This is the EP’s opus; it took the best part of 18 months for this dark, epic track to come together. Progressing from a delicate, melodic intro to sections reminiscent of the best of Porcupine Tree and screaming walls of noise, this track ties together everything we love in music.


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