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Album Review: Veles by Au Revoir

American post rock act Au Revoir have released their new album Veles. The new four-track, thirty-eight minute album recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ, represents the first time Au Revoir utilized a professional studio to replicate their massive live sound.

Au Revoir have in some ways been a band that never quite lives up to their potential on record. Take previous releases, Black Hills or In The Key Of Night, and you’ll hear the talent but you won’t be moved. Before Veles it all seemed a little run of the mill. Previously the sound was aimed for a Mogwai, Red Sparrowes, This Will Destroy You blend but just missed the goal. On Veles you feel that the sound the band has strived for has finally been realised.

Opener ‘The Bottom’ is a heavy post rock track awash in layers of doom riffs and a dark vocal, it hints at something special yet it’s with the quieter moments that Au Revoir create a dynamic structure that excels in its intricacies and expansiveness.  ‘Drifting’ is the track that announces Veles as an album of real substance and one that can stand proudly alongside its contemporaries. Commanding and emotive in the swells and crescendos it is a track that captures the imagination and transports you into dream like post rock landscape. The atmospheric nature is carried through into the heavy leviathan of ‘Sinking’, however couple this with the blistering riffs and you’ve got something truly remarkable. Imagine Baroness producing a child with Mogwai and deciding to co-parent that child with an early Mastodon. It’s a track that will amaze and leave you speechless.

‘Deluge’ combines the textures of the proceeding three tracks without committing full to a heavy or softer more expansive sound. It churns along without blossoming into beast it should be, 17 minutes is more than adequate opportunity. Top notch nonetheless.

Veles is the album on which Au Revoir realise their potential. Commanding and confident, it’ll be an album that appeals to the hard rock and post rock fan alike.

AD Rating 7.5/10

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