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Album Review: From Caplan to Belsize by Muncie Girls

UK punk rock trio Muncie Girls release their debut album From Caplan to Belsize on 4th March via Specialist Subject Records (UK) and Animal Style (USA). Born in punk shows and dive bars to three driven teenagers in 2012, Muncie Girls embodies the classic punk rock story in a modern context. Fueled by discontent and anxiety, they eloquently address issues of modern living as a self-aware young adult. The result is an ambitious and poignant rebellion against social norms that touches on everything from politics to interpersonal relationships.

Muncie Girls are cut from the same punk rock cloth as other Specialist Subject Record bands Bangers and Great Cynics. The manifesto is similar, the sound fits perfectly and whisper this… they might just have made the best album out of all three.

It is perhaps bassist and lead vocalist Lande Hekts that sets Muncie Girls out from the crowd. The lyrics are a scathing attack on modern life while the vocal itself is delectable and easy on the ear. The best thing about From Caplan to Belsize is that there isn’t a weak song or one that even comes close. Every track is of the highest standard and stands out as being excellent. From the raucous and scathing ‘Learn In School’ to the Joy Formidable style grandeur of ‘Balloon’ to the exhilarating and infectious closer ‘No Recording’ From Caplan to Belsize is not only excellent but an essential listen.

There are several moments on the album that you get the feeling that Muncie Girls are something really special. The driving riffs and stubbornness of ‘Gone With the Wind’ gets the blood racing with its call to arms swagger, while tracks like ‘Gas Mark 4’ and ‘I Don’t Want to Talk About It’ show a more instantaneous and infectious side to the band. The latter is especially strong, if you’re looking for the ideal starting point to your obsession with Muncie Girls make it that. Special praise must be reserved for ‘Respect’ which acts as the band’s message to any “lad” that has been caught up in the rape culture that’s rife in our current society, particularly on university campuses and online. Hekt reads aloud some extracts from other writers (Stéphanie Genz and Laura Bates) that help express her feelings on the topic. These are included in the bridge of the song and really hit home on how powerful the track is.

With From Caplan to Belsize, Muncie Girls have placed themselves at the very forefront of UK Punk Rock bands. This is a must hear album, you could well be listening to your new favourite band.

AD Rating 8/10


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