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Album Review: Bright Colors by Dead Stars

Brooklyn’s Dead Stars release their sophomore album Bright Colors on 4th March via their own Weird Tree Records. Bright Colors comes as a follow up to 2014’s debut Slumber, which introduced fans to the band’s fuzzed-out, hook-filled brand of indie rock.

Easy comparisons can be made to Teenage Fanclub, The Lemonheads  and Weezer due to the fuzzed up 90s pop rock sound. Although these comparisons wouldn’t be without their merits it’s important to note that Dead Stars’ sound come across without too much of a direct homage to their influences. Sure, it’s a tried and tested formula that the band rarely veers from yet you can’t help but smile and enjoy it.

Taken individually you’ll enjoy each track without them having any great impact. It’s enjoyable, throw away music – perfect for background listening. Listen to the album as a whole and it is unlikely to capture you attention for the full 35 minutes. Bright Colors is one of those difficult albums to review, by being so middle of the road and being neither good nor bad you struggle to find anything of real note.

The anomaly with Dead Stars is they could probably be quite a successful band if they released singles alone. Group the songs together and they lose their appeal. Take songs like ‘In My Mind’, ‘Haze’ and ‘Some Days’ – as standalone tracks they sound big, full of fuzzed riffs and huge hooks that make them particularly radio friendly; yet view alongside the other seven tracks they form part of the long fuzz drone. Although that sounds like a damning assessment, Bright Colors isn’t bad. It’s just a little boring.

To appreciate how unremarkable this album is, try writing 300 words about it. Maybe we should have just continuously repeated the words ‘Oh Well’ as the band do on the lacklustre album closer.

AD Rating 5/10


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