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EP Review: White Noise Radio by White Noise Radio

Bristol based heavy alternative rock act White Noise Radio release their debut, self-titled, EP on 4th March. They beat 48 other bands to win a weekend recording in Muse and Oasis’s river-side studio and the output is 5 strong songs that lace big grooves with assured heavy riffs and atmospheric riffs.

There’s something homely about White Noise Radio’s sound, it’s familiar and infectious. It’s heavy without being challenging. There’s elements of post-hardcore, nu-metal and alt rock that cumulate in a sound that’s akin to Make Yourself era Incubus blended with Porcupine Tree and given a Hoobastank sheen.

The production is excellent, undoubtedly giving the EP more oomph and polish than you would expect of a new band on their debut release. First song proper, ‘Dirt’ plays like a homage to the 00s. The chorus is huge and infectious; it’s excellent yet doesn’t sound particularly original. Couple the heavy riffs, groove and big chorus and you could have any range of 00s bands. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’d been lifted from a Hoobastank or Taproot album.

With that the scene is set. The vocal in ‘Time Travel’ couldn’t be any closer to Brandon Boyd (from Incubus) and although there’s a step up in the quality the music is still heavily influenced by the 00s. ‘Cellar Vision’ is more of the same with a more of a pop-rock sheen over the top. The quality is undeniable, yet it just sounds far too familiar. With the right exposure this track could be phenomenally successful. ‘Masks of a Burning Man’ is the strongest track on the EP, standing at just over 9 minutes long it’s commanding and full of confidence. It’s expansive and full of big heavy bluster. While the influences are still obvious the sound is varied enough to be more acceptable.

If 00s heavy alt rock was you thing then you may well have found your new favourite band in White Noise Radio. The potential and quality is there, once the band find their own distinct sound they’ll be a formidable force.

AD Rating 5.5/10

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