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EP Review: Some Thing by Petrol Girls

Feminist post-hardcore band Petrol Girls release their new EP Some Thing on the 19th February, via Bomber Music. Petrol Girls identify explicitly as a feminist band and draw on personal experiences to challenge and ridicule sexism, as well as exploring wider political themes, such as alienation, mental health and the current anti-austerity movement.

Sometimes desperate and sometimes defiant, Some Thing interrogates some big political ideas from an acutely personal perspective. Mental health and relationship issues open up into wider questions about alienation, borders, complicity and control. It draws together different musical influences in a way that reflects this collision of ideas in the context of a culture that feels increasingly less human. It’s part raucous energy of At The Drive-In, defiant punk of Refused and angry feminism of War On Women.

Opener ‘Slug’ is a solid track that threatens to explode and become a great track but just seems to come up short of the mark. ‘Protagonist’ is the track in which Petrol Girls excel; it has the simmering energy, explosive passion and stirrings of ATDI at their best. It’s an impressive track that highlights the potential. Unfortunately that feeling isn’t carried through to ‘Separated’ which while being a decent track ends up sounding a little disjointed.

Some Thing while having its bad points is still an enjoyable, passionate assessment of modern day life. Give it a spin; it might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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