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EP Review: Homegrown by Across All Oceans

Emo/Pop punk act Across All Oceans release their new EP Homegrown on 22nd February. The Middlesbrough based quintet came together in 2014 through a mutual love of pop punk and emo, whilst striving to do something different in the North East’s heavily saturated hardcore scene.

“Being influenced by a wide variety of punk and early 00’s post-hardcore, we slowly developed our sound from straight up pop punk to the more refined emo-esque sound you hear from us now” says bassist Dan Shepherd. “We couldn’t be prouder of the new material and hope that people enjoy it as much as us.”

What is obvious from the opening bars of Homegrown is how Across All Oceans have grown since their 2014 debut EP Looking Back. This is more assured, this is far better. The band have that UK emo / punk sound that begs you to fall in love with the band. Imagine a rawer version of Moose Blood and you’ll be on the money. As you can imagine the band wear their feelings on their sleeves and my word this is a compelling listen.

Opener ‘Everywhere But Home’ sets the scene perfectly, it’s a rousing beginning that grabs your attention and sets the blood racing. ‘Permanence’ has a classic alt-emo sound that is infectious and immediate while ‘Monophobia’ and ‘Homegrown’ are washed in layers of pop punk. Both of these tracks are of the highest standard and show the genuine quality within Across All Oceans.

‘Eston Square’ closes the EP in superb style, by far the best track on Homegrown it is assured and commanding. Genuine quality oozes out with confidence.

AD Rating 7.5/10

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