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Singles / Videos Round-up February 2016

It’s that time of the month again when we trawl through the Alt Dialogue inbox and roundup the best and worst tracks and videos we get sent. There are highs and there are lows and most importantly some real gems.
Yesterday Morning by The Clear
We may as well make it a gentle introduction to the round up. It doesn’t get much more gentle and folksy than this new single from the Sheffield trio The Clear. It’s scheduled to be released on 25th March to coincide with the first day of spring (and their debut album), which should give you an idea on the general sound of this 60s / hippy inspired track.


Natural Born Thriller by Uh Huh Baby Yeah
You might be beginning to question our sanity with these first two song selections, in fairness we’re beginning to have doubts too. We’ve included this track as we couldn’t quite believe a band would actually pick Uh Huh Baby Yeah as a name and not be ridiculously bad. They’re not that bad, it’s just completely unremarkable.


Remind/Weighed Down by Somos
Finally we’re on track with the round up. Somos are darlings of Alt Dialogue and ‘Remind/Weighed Down’ is another prime slice on emo tinged alt rock. It sets up expectation of the new album (First Day Back) perfectly and hints at it being one of your essential listens of 2016. Get all over this.


We Were Kids by Penny Was Right
French pop punk isn’t something that we feature often, but we’ll make the exception for Penny Was Right. The track wears its influences on its sleeve; think a combination of Blink-182, Billy Talent and Zebrahead and you’ll have the sound down to a tee. Sure it isn’t anything new, it is highly enjoyable though!


The Truth Is by Amelia
Lifted from their self titled EP; let this track be your perfect introduction to Amelia. Hard hitting riffs and thunderous beats are the order of the day and provide the real excitement to the track. Sure many people will highlight the female vocal (it does add a unique sound) yet it’s the music that really get the blood racing.


Kobe by Bossk
Bringing elements of post-rock and post-metal; Bossk should be your go-to band for big atmospherics and doom heavy riffs in 2016. They’ve carved out a revered reputation for themselves over the last 10 years and Kobe further proves that Bossk are one of the best in the business. Just wait until you hear the track explode in the 4th minute, fantastic stuff.


Euphoria by Polyphia
We go full instrumental with this, the first track to be lifted from Polyphia’s upcoming sophomore album Renaissance (due 11th March). There are hints of a slight change in sound with the band embracing more of their electronic influences, yet it remains a masterclass in technical and lavish guitar playing. It’s a flamboyant sound which makes it even more endearing.


Want You Around (Chunky) by Great Cynics
If for some inexplicable reason you missed out on Great Cynics album I Feel Weird last year, let this be your reminder to get all over it. This was one of the most infectious tracks from the album and accompanying video is great. As Giles from the band says – “I had this idea and thought it might be shit, but we tried it and it was just so much fun to do. Dean from Muncie Girls leant out of the back window of a car and filmed me bombing down a hill on my skateboard. It’s a classic hill to skate down at night. Our friend Jack Hyde (from The Cut Ups) put some animations on it and yeah, that’s about it! It cost 15 quid!”



1952 by Naropa
Need something completely new? Let Naropa be that band, 1952 is a great introduction to a band that are just about to start gigging. There’s a big bass heavy post punk feel albeit with a more accessible vocal and an indie rock veneer.


Whathisface by Los Padres
If you’ve found this all very easy on the ear then Los Padres are the ideal solution. It’s the kind of challenging experimental rock that would make Battles proud. It’s not an easy listen by any stretch of the imagination, but it is exceptionally good. After a couple of listens you won’t be able to get enough.



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