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EP Review: For The Time Being by People As Places As People

Halifax post-rock quartet People As Places As People have released their debut EP For The Time Being and its one that’s essential you don’t miss out on. Blurring the gaps between what you could define an EP or a mini album there’s enough substance and real quality in the three tracks to make even the most cynical post-rock fan giddy with excitement.

Clocking in at just over 30 minutes it certainly isn’t an EP for the faint hearted. Its splendour in length is matched by the grandeur within each track. The atmospherics and sonic landscapes created within is something that not only is awe inspiring but will send shivers down the spine.

This is post-rock akin to Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor and Explosions In The Sky. Opener ‘Preta’ has the cinematic power of Mogwai while you can find influences from the raw energy and math rock leanings of Brontide lurking just under the surface in ‘Because That’s The Only Time There Is’.

‘Preta’ packs a real emotional punch, transporting you through a wide range of emotions in the way that only instrumental music of the highest standard can do. ‘Because That’s The Only Time There Is’ does more of the same but is even more impressive with its added level of intricacy and raw energy, the 7th minute of the track alone is worth purchasing the EP for.

Closing track ‘Dutch Boats’ goes from a haunting introduction into a simply perfect piece of post-rock. The track gently builds with each delicate guitar note plucking on your heartstrings. The emotion builds and builds with such refined and subtle power that by the time the crescendo finally comes in 9th minute you feel like you may burst.

Do yourself a favour and get all over this EP right now. Stream it in its full glory below and purchase one of their bundles here. People As Places As People have release a contender for EP of the year in For The Time Being. Essential.

AD Rating 9/10

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