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Interview: Dizzy Bats and MORI chat to Alt Dialogue

Hot on the heels of Alt Dialogue premiering MORI’s new single “Do You Wanna Hurt Me” and reviewing Dizzy Bats’ EP Until We Die the two acts have announced they’ll be going out on a tour together (as solo versions). It was only natural that we put the two lead singers together in a combined interview!

Tell us a bit more about the upcoming tour, how did it come together? Any dates in particular you’re looking forward to?

Connor:  I’m pretty sure I woke up to an email from Mori one morning that read something along the lines of, “how can I bribe you to take me on one of these tours?”  It was an easy sell.  I’m pretty stoked about Richmond, VA. First time!

MORI:  All of them!  Connor’s the seasoned tour veteran and set this whole thing up– I’m just along for the ride, and gratefully so.

It’s a busy start to the year for both MORI and Dizzy Bats – how proud of your respective releases are you? How did the writing and recording process go?

Connor:  The response to Until We Die has been incredible, and we’re all extremely proud of this EP.  The writing process spanned over the course of a couple of years, so when we were able to hit the studio, we felt extremely polished and excited to track these tunes.

MORI:  The response to the first single “Do You Wanna Hurt Me” has been pretty tremendous, and I’m definitely more proud of this new music than I am of anything I’ve put out before, which is really exciting. Better for You has been in the works for over a year now, so it’s a real treat to finally be able to let it see the light of day very soon. I wrote all these songs over the last few years, and recorded them with two engineers / co-producers (Asher Zeitschik & Lucas Hass) who played a big role in their shape and sound. My current band lineup was not yet fully formed when we went in to track these songs (our drummer Steve is the only member who played on any of them) so they’re more representative of my instincts as a solo artist and the in-studio collaboration we achieved, passing guitars and keyboards and mics back and forth to lay down ideas until it was 4am and the songs had reached critical mass and Pro Tools was telling us to calm down and maybe consider going to bed.

A controversial question…. How do you rate each other’s releases?

MORI:  I’ve been a Dizzy Bats fan for more years than I can count, and can safely say this is their finest offering to date, in my opinion. Connor’s writing and vocal delivery just keeps growing with every release, and you can really hear how the band has gelled after years of performing together on these songs.

Connor:  That IS controversial!  I’ve always been impressed by Mori’s songwriting abilities and work ethic, and this single/forthcoming EP exemplifies both of these qualities.  It’s been so much fun seeing her sound and lineup develop over the years.  10/10 STRAIGHT UP.


How do the sounds of Dizzy Bats and MORI compare?

MORI:  Connor and I definitely come from a similar musical background and share a love of crunchy, punky rock music coupled with catchy, pop-informed songwriting. Both our bands aim to hit you in the gut and get you singing along. I like to think that if our songs were on Tinder, they’d totally match, and would argue about the benefits and drawbacks of half-time breakdowns over whiskey at a dive bar on their first date.

Connor:  We’re both high energy and punk influenced, with the occasional slow song.  It’s a fit that makes sense IMHO. Not sure what “Tinder” is.

What has the rest of the year got in store for both bands?

Connor:  I’m doing another Dizzy Bats solo acoustic tour up to Canada in the spring, as well as two full-band weekends coming up in April and May.  There will be quite a bit of touring in the summer, too, and hopefully a lot of writing in between.

MORI:  Better for You drops March 4th, and we’re beyond psyched to play PIANOS for our release show Sat March 5th. Down the road, we’ll have even more music slated for release later this year, and what’s most exciting is that will feature the full band rather than just me. We also worked with the bearded legend Jon Markson on it, so people can expect a massive rock sound akin to the magic Dizzy Bats has achieved on Until We Die. We’re also booking lots more NYC shows and are looking to get over to Philly, Boston, and DC as well in the spring/summer, and I’m also going to have a couple solo dates in LA in late April, which should be a lot of fun. Apart from that, lots more writing!

Catch Conner and MORI on the below dates:


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