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Album Review: Right Hand Left Hand by Right Hand Left Hand

Channelling the spirit of the post-rock scene of the mid to late 90’s, Right Hand Left Hand are due to release their sophomore self-titled album on 12th February 2016 via Jealous Lovers Club. While the band’s sound fits within the confines of post rock, they aren’t your average run of the mill instrumental band. Think a hybrid of Maserati and Mylets.

Those post-rock confines are stretched throughout the album with vocal loops and krautrock influences. Right Hand Left Hand create a wonderfully immersive and enthralling sound that captivates you from the stylish opener of ‘Seat 18c’ through to the majestic and emotive ‘Spring-heeled Jack’. Perhaps the most notable thing about Right Hand Left Hand is the fact that they’re a duo and their unique setup. Comprising of Andrew Plain (drums/guitars) and Rhodri Viney (guitars/ vocals/ drums) they embraced a n experimental set up of two members playing guitar, two drum kits, centred around a loop station, incorporating instrument swaps.

Right Hand Left Hand

As an album Right Hand Left Hand is a simply wonderful listen. It flows perfectly, conjuring sonic landscapes that many of their contemporaries strive for and rarely achieve. Whether it is the all-encompassing loops and thrill of ‘Jack Churchill’ or the more conventional post-rock leanings of ‘Tarts and Darts’ you’ll find there to be something within the sound to excite even the most jaded of rock fans. There’s a superb post-punk tinge to ‘Nightmares In The Afternoon’ while the abrasive electronic elements of ‘A.N.Y’ lend themselves to a raucous sound akin to Adebisi Shank.

It’s an album to throw yourself into and give your full attention to. At times its subtle tones may pass the inattentive listener by. ‘Broken Hill’ is a commanding and awe inspiring track full of atmospherics and emotive guitar parts – yet if you go into this as a casual listener it could easily pass you by. At other times it packs a serious punch, both ‘The War of Jenkins’ Ear’ and ‘The Milgram Experiment’ hit you forcefully, making you sit up and take notice. The latter especially – sounding like a heavier and brutal version of Chon. The best is left to last with ‘Spring-heeled Jack’ not just being the best track on the album but one of the finest post-rock tracks released in recent times.

Get in on the Right Hand Left Hand action now, if (like us) you’ve let them pass you by remedy that situation immediately.

AD Rating 8/10



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