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Interview: Alt Dialogue chat to Odd Rival

We recently caught up with Patrick from Odd Rival to give us the lowdown on what 2016 has in store for the band….

After a productive 2015, what does 2016 have in store for Odd Rival?
We’ve got a lot lined up already for this year. Heading into RAK Studio’s in March to record our next single which we’ll be releasing on a limited 7″ vinyl run in early summer. Touring in February to try out all the new songs live, but also because we just really miss playing.


How excited are you guys about recording at RAK Studios?
Pretty buzzing to be honest, went to go see the studio a few weeks back and it blew our minds. The equipment there is just incredible. The place just has a great history to it as well. Bands like Royal Blood, Savages & Radiohead have all recorded there so we’re just fanboying out on that really.


How do you structure your time in the studio (pre written demos to master or completely off the cuff)?
Well last year we recorded everything ourselves, which resulted in a lot of trial & error in the studio. It also took us a long time to finish the EP which made us all hate it a bit by the time we finished haha. It was a massive learning curve though. This time we’ve got Rob Brinkmann working with us who is a great producer/engineer and he’s whipping us into shape. Been recording demos all January and doing a fair amount of prep leading up to it all. Then we’ll go to RAK for four days in March and bash out two songs.


Tell us about more about the tour you have lined up, how has your touring schedule changed since you first started off?
We’re doing seven dates altogether including a big show at the Camden Barfly on February 19th. Our last tour was sixteen gigs but that was crazy to organise, so we toned it down for this one so we could retain some focus on the music. Our schedule has changed loads since we started though, at the beginning it was impossible to get any dates consecutively as no one knew us and we were at the mercy of the promoters. After a while we started hiring out the venues ourselves across the country just so we could get a gig somewhere, which involved sorting all the bands out, cost of hire, promotion etc. This actually worked out pretty well for us and we’ve made a lot of fans and friends since. We’re phasing this strategy out soon though as it’s an excessive amount of work to pull it off.


Top 5 Best and Worst things about touring?

1: Watching great bands.
2: Beers.
3: Seeing new places & people every day.
4: Getting to play shows every night.
5: Being on an adventure with your best mates. Always loads of laughs.

1: Parking, Traffic jams. A whole bunch of van related problems.
2: Finding a decent meal.
3: Those few hours between arriving at the venue and soundcheck when you have nothing to do can suck.
4: Three lads in a van not having much chance to wash for days. It can start smelling pretty dense inside the van.
5: Gear breaking or going missing at the shows. Massively eats into your day time when you’re looking to buy a new hi-hat clutch from somewhere.


Touring can be difficult for new and smaller bands, what difficulties do Odd Rival face and how do you get over them?
Aside from booking the tour itself, I’d say eating properly and fighting the boredom on the long drives. If you got good music, books etc. then the latter is pretty easy. Still haven’t figured out the eating properly myself yet haha will get back to you on that.


Why should Alt Dialogue readers go to an Odd Rival show?
We like to make shows dangerous, no barriers between the audience and band. Plus I bled a lot on stage on the last tour; I suppose that’s quite amusing.


Catch Odd Rival on the tour dates below:

Tour Poster

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