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EP Review: Ghosts by Molly Anna Band

Molly Anna Band release their debut EP Ghosts on 30th January. Influenced by ‘90s hard rock bands (think Incubus in their quieter moments) and songwriters such as Alanis Morrisette, Molly Anna Band’s dark fiction weaves intricate tales of love, self-destruction and extraordinary escape plans.

You end up with 5 perfectly formed haunting and hypnotising tracks. Ghosts is an immersive and compelling listen, lead single and EP opener ‘The Gun’ acts as one of those tracks that make you pause and really pay attention. The vocal is powerful while the music soars and drives. ‘Villian’ goes for a more refined sound letting the vocal excel, here you get the opportunity to really appreciate how powerful and commanding the vocal.

The finest moment of Ghosts  comes in the formidable ‘Til You Collapse’. The harmonies and hooks are the real selling points here. The duelling guitar and piano create a wonderful atmosphere that suckers you in and doesn’t let go. ‘Horrowshow’ is so wonderfully delicate and haunting that it could bring a tear to most stoney of hearted. The opening minute of gentle vocals and piano strikes an emotional chord that leaves a real lasting impression. EP closer ‘Tonight’ is another gem rounding off a superb debut EP.

Beautiful stuff

AD Rating 8.5/10

1 Comment on EP Review: Ghosts by Molly Anna Band

  1. What a great band. I also really enjoyed the acoustic version of their song ‘The Gun’ they did for ShoutitLoudTV


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