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EP Review: Dumbstruck by Weatherstate

UK punks Weatherstate release their new EP Dumbstruck via Failure By Design on 22nd January. Imagine a blend of Sum-41, Weezer and Gnarwolves and you’ll have Weatherstate’s sound down to a tee. It’s a blend of different styles that comes out as a snappy and enthralling listen.

Opener ‘Stutter’ is short and aggressive punch that announces the band’s arrival before ‘Ill’ creates your first lasting impression of the band. It’s an infectious sound that hits home with minimal fanfare and maximum impact. The hooks lurk just under the cover before the pounding rhythm of ‘Stuck In A Hole’ take a more obvious approach with the harmonies and chorus sitting on top of some delectable punk rock.

‘Piss It All Away’ featured in our recent singles round-up and it should be one of your ‘must-hear’ tracks of the year so far. The guitar work combined with the confrontational punk vocal is reminiscent of an early Green Day but a whole load better. EP closer ‘Grinding My Teeth’ is the big sing-along moment that gives a glimpse into how good the band would be live.

If Dumbstruck is anything to go by, 2016 is going to be a huge year for Weatherstate. Welcome to your new favourite punk band.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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