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Singles/Video Round Up – January 2016

With the start of a new year comes a slew of new singles and videos, whetting your appetite for forthcoming albums and EPs. To say there’s been a spike in the Alt Dialogue inbox would be an understatement, couple that with a festive hangover and you end up with a bumper edition of our Singles/Videos round up. These are the most notable of January thus far.

Aquasun by Basement
For a band of Basement’s calibre it’s surprising that this is their first official music video. The video itself is good (but nothing special), but it’s the music that really suckers you in and enforces the notion that Basement are one of the finest UK bands. There’s considerable hype about the forthcoming album (Promise Everything 29th Jan) and from Aquasun you can see why, it might have more of an emo side than previous output, but my word it’s good.

Bitter Victories by Gascan Ruckus
If there’s one music scene that hit a bump in the road, it’s the Belfast/Northern Ireland scene. Gascan Ruckus are the bright new hope, whether they’ll be able to make a lasting impression outside of the insular local it remains to be seen, Bitter Victories is the best bet though. It’s a strong and commanding pop rock song. The hooks are a bit GBH rather than killer and the less said about the cringe worthy  video the better.

Bloodline by ROAM
Lifted from the band’s forthcoming debut album Backbone, this track is perfect introduction to the band. It sums up the band and gives you good foresight into the sound of their impressive debut (full review coming soon). If you believe the hype, ROAM are the latest UK pop punk band set to take the world by storm. There’s nothing stopping them either, Bloodline is an excellent track and the band perfect a sound that right on trend.

Duality by Set It Off
This single is notable for the sole purpose of displaying exactly what is wrong with modern day “rock” music. Alternative Press have billed their forthcoming album as one of the “Most Anticipated of 2016” which should give you some kind of indication of their flimflam when in reality it’s nothing more than awful version of Maroon 5 mixed with My Chemical Romance towards the end of their career. Let that settle in for a minute.

Akrasia by Note To Self
If there’s one thing that I can’t buy into it’s a band with a “look”. You know the kind of thing I mean – you see a press shot of a band and the first impression you get is the band care more about their look than their actual musical output (or at the very least put it on an equal footing). Note To Self have that look (and sound) associated with Atreyu and Aiden. Musically Akrasia is actually a pretty good track, crushing post-hardcore treated with a screamed vocal. Close your eyes while listening.

Introspective Pt1 by Catch Fire
2015 seemed to be the year of UK pop punk, if there’s room in your pop punk catalogue then here’s another one to add to the list. Catch Fire (who stress their name has nothing to do with the Hunger Games) deliver up a slab of punk pop by the numbers, it’s nothing particularly remarkable yet crucially it’s very accessible. An enjoyable but ultimately forgettable track.

Renegade by Reigning Days
If you want to stay abreast of the “next big thing” then you should probably pay attention to Reigning Days. You can somewhat understand the hyperbole being spouted about the band, its big dirty and very accessible rock music. While the BBC may have gone too far with “This has blown my mind… absolutely phenomenal” you could see the band becoming 2016s version of Royal Blood. Whether that’s a good thing or not I’ll leave up to you.

<<Omut>> by Naadia
If we’re being honest this track is included in our round up simply because we’ve never covered any Russian music before. That’s another thing ticked off our to-do list. It isn’t the kind of thing we’d normally cover – it goes for a brooding electro feel – yet it’s one of the better tracks in the round up. Voted as the best new artist (iTunes Russia) in 2014 this might be an act that you hear a lot more of in 2016.

Tarts and Darts by Right Hand Left Hand
Now here is a track that we can really get on board with. Driving riffs and little intricacies are the order of the day; there are elements of math rock mixed with a fuzzed up garage rock sound and more than a smattering of late 90s post-rock. It’s a track that totally immerses you in a cauldron of sounds.  If that wasn’t good enough it’s available as a free download.

True Deceivers by Wolf Down
Until now this round up has been relatively light. Time for some hardcore!  As hardcore goes you couldn’t get much better than this. In a genre that seems to have become diluted in recent times, these Germans inject a level of aggression (both lyrically and musically) that many have been crying out for. Uncompromising and brutal it certainly won’t be to everybody’s tastes, great nevertheless.

Piss It All Away by Weatherstate
Imagine a blend of Sum 41, Gnarwolves and Weezer and you’ll be pretty close to Weatherstate. It’s infectious and immediate; it’s a sound that hits the essential ingredients of a good rock song – big hooks, crunching guitars and huge sing-along moments. This is just a taster of their brilliant new EP Dumbstruck due for release next week (full review coming soon).


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