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News: Leeds singles club CPWM announce 2nd release / Split single featuring Fizzy Blood & OFFICERS


Come Play With Me the brand new singles club – releasing split 7” vinyl is set to release the 2nd single in the series on 19th February

Aiming to showcase the most exciting artists from the Leeds City region the first single released in November 2015 featured tracks from Harkin (Sleater-Kinney, Sky Larkin) and Cinerama (The Wedding Present, David Gedge).

Now the latest single from the label looks to continue the trend of highlighting the awesome diversity of great music coming out of this part of the world with new tracks from Fizzy Blood and OFFICERS.

Leeds’ Fizzy Blood’s music, performances, and ambitions have been drawing comparisons to the leather clad, cast iron spirit of Pulled Apart By Horses and Queens of the Stone Age. Explosive and guttural, Fizzy Blood are aptly named and causing a stir. Their track ‘Sweat and Sulphur’ is described by the band as:

 ‘One of those tracks that came together really organically. It was born out of a combination of classic ‘hangover angst’ and listening to a lot of Phil Spector records that are loud and unforgiving but also have a lot of warm natural echo. There’s something really beautiful and distinct about that juxtaposition and I think we tried to capture and put our own spin on that.

Naturally, we felt vinyl was the perfect format to present this track and we’re really happy to be working with Come Play With Me singles club to help it see the light of day. It’s great to see new platforms always popping up to showcase talent in the Yorkshire area and I think the fact that we’re seeing things like this appearing is a testament to how much the music scene is thriving here at the minute.’


In contrast to the abrassiveness of Fizzy Blood, OFFICERS’ contribution to the split single ‘Attack’ is a psyche-tinged assault with an abundance of statement swagger that echoes classic Primal Scream techno soon to be followed by an art video to awaken the senses. Watch out for video of ‘Attack’ over the coming weeks.

Pre-order the Fizzy Blood/OFFICERS split as well as purchase the previous single and associated merchandise for Come Play With from PledgeMusic:

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