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EP Review: Library Chiller Replacement by Percentage Bridge

First one on your must listen EPs of 2016 has to be the new EP Library Chiller Replacement by Percentage Bridge. It’s a delightfully complex and intricate release from the math rock duo. Released on Bay Area DIY label Subrukus Collective it’s a short and snappy EP that makes you sit up and take notice.

The only downside is the total running length (just shy of 7 minutes). Treat it as a taster and glimpse into the world of Percentage Bridge. The opener and title track delivers up a fusion of math rock and jazz influences. It’s got a serene edge that is abandoned somewhat in the phenomenal ‘Library Representatives’. This is the mark of a math rock track done well, it’s got enough raw energy and lack of sheen to give it another inspiring level. ‘Hardcore Parkour’ goes for distortion through the intricate guitar parts, giving the track an enjoyable and twisted take on the math rock genre.

Get this listened to now!

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    A kind review of SRC026, Percentage Bridge’s “Library Chiller Replacement.” grab your free download!


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