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Album Review: Blackout by One Days Notice

Remember the days when Tony Hawk Pro Skater was the epitome of cool and you thought the soundtrack was the greatest thing ever? Yes? Then One Days Notice new album Blackout is going to be ideal starting point for new albums in 2016. If like the majority of people you answered no, you might just be about to find a hidden gem.

One Days Notice are a throwback to the days when Skate Punk was everywhere and you wore wallet chains and baggy trousers. Let’s be honest, it’s not a sound that 2016 either needs or is likely to make a comeback. The movement always had a childish and carefree edge that most people left behind several years ago. The main reason you’d enjoy Blackout is if you remembered those times fondly and wanted to be transported back.

Let’s be honest, One Days Notice are highly unlikely to appeal to a breed of people just getting into Skate Punk. This is going to appeal to males approaching (or in) their thirties that are clinging onto their youth and aging ungracefully. Think of a poor version of Guttermouth and you’d be on the right track.

There are moments of potential and some enjoyable tracks, ‘Feel It Now’ and ‘When I Say When’ are pretty good tracks. The hooks are good and the general guitar playing verge on the infectious yet the poor production and bland vocal means that you won’t be rushing back for a second listen.

Blackout isn’t a bad album and One Days Notice aren’t an awful band, you just get the impression that it’s rushed and half formed. Take ‘I Never You’ as an example, it has the basis to be a great pop rock song – the chorus and hook is really good, yet it has no punch – it has the potential to explode and be a real punch the air moment. The production and weak vocals are to blame again. You’ll feel the same about ‘Won’t Back Down’ and ‘Slave’. The latter is just shy of hitting the mark, so close yet so far.

If you can look past its bad points there is the potential to enjoy Blackout. The glimpses of potential just aren’t enough for us to revisit.

AD Rating 5/10

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