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EP Review: Three Hits by Lenin Death Mask

The wonderfully named Lenin Death Mask have begun to make a name for themselves lately in the bustling Aberdeen music scene. Known for their raucous, energetic live shows, the band have now taken that energy and transferred it to the studio where they have created a challenging alt-pop three track EP, Three Hits, which is out now via Fitlike Records.

Lenin Death Mask

Combining elements of post-rock, post-hardcore, post-punk and the intricacies of math rock you’ll find Three Hits to be an enthralling and compelling listen. Opener ‘7/4 Boreline’ is the strongest and most accessible of the three tracks. It’s the track that suckers you in and lets the rest of the EP work its way into your subconscious. The track comes out sounding like Fighting With Wire mixed with the math rock stylings of You Slut! Just try not singing along to the hook.

‘Kindness’ comes from the left field. There’s a bastardised Teros Melos feel to it. It’s certainly not as easy on the ear, yet with every listen it becomes better and better. Final track ‘Wounded’ brings back a more accessible feel and whisper this… even a nod towards The Kooks. It’s a great track that points towards the talent and potential lying within Lenin Death Mask.


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