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Alt Dialogue’s Top 50 Albums of 2015

December is Alt Dialogue’s favourite month of the year, home to the greatest event of the year – it’s Album of the Year list time. 2015 is the first full year of Alt Dialogue and as such we’ve covered more albums than we thought possible. 2015 has also been a year of land marks for Alt Dialogue; we’re steadily approaching 1000 likes on Facebook, had over 25000 website views and perhaps one of greatest highlights – interviewing some phenomenal bands and record labels. This year we’ve decided to only include albums we’ve reviewed and only include studio albums, even with that caveat whittling down to the Top 50 has been torturous.

Naturally some great albums have missed out, notable mentions must go to Down I Go, Beach Slang, Drowse, We Came From Wolves and CHON. If you feel aggrieved by our list, a Readers Poll can be found here so get voting.

Without further ado….

50. Party Adjancent by Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room
49. Undertow by Drenge
48. What Went Down by Foals
47. Pale Horse by MewithoutYou
46. No Pleasure by USA Nails
45. Hear You by Toe
44. Grievances by Rolo Tomassi
43. Floating World by Gilmore Trail
42. In Time We Belong  by Slow and Steady
41. Romantic Errors of Our Youth by Brawlers
40. Have It All by Annabel
39. Digital Tropics by Mutiny On The Bounty
38. Greyer Than You Remeber by Employed To Serve
37. Adult by Blacklisters
36. Hex Machines by False Flags
35. Arnos Vale by Personal Best
34. Contact Fix by Alright The Captain
33. The Mid Brae Inn by Axis Of
32. Twin Galaxies by Delta Sleep
31. Joy, Departed by Sorority Noise
30. Restarter by Torche
29. Get To Heaven by Everything Everthing
28. Bacio by Bacio
27. Arizona by Mylets
26. Kintsugi by Death Cab For Cutie
25. I Feel Weird by Great Cynics
24. Maybe Tomorrow by Ivadell
23. Bird by Bangers
22. Everybody Is Going To Heaven by Citizen
21. Disquiet by Therapy?


20. Heirs by And So I Watch You From Afar
Technically it’s the band’s finest piece of work and the musicianship has to be admired. You just feel that with the added complexity the band may have lost some of their raw energy that made them so special. Outstanding nonetheless. (Full review)

19. How To Treat The Ones You Love by Donovan Wolfington
One of those albums that pops up and surprises you. Topshelf Records had some great releases in 2015, but stands in being emotionally dark yet infectious and at times delightful. It’s a rollercoaster that you can’t help but love. (Full review)

18. Isotopes by Quadrilles
This is math pop at its finest. There’s all the intricacies of math rock coupled with some glorious pop hooks that sucker you in and never let go. It’s a short yet thrilling listen and rams home the quality of releases on Lonely Voyage Record in 2015. (Full review)

17. The Demon Joke by Vennart
You could be forgiven for not knowing what to expect from the ex Oceansize and Biffy Clyro touring guitarist Mike Vennart. The Demon Joke lies at the more accessible end of Vennart’s output yet is progressive enough to please the most ardent Oceansize fan. (Full review)

16. Heavy Love by Man Overboard
Man Overboard managed to exceed all expectations and produce an album that previously would have been above their means. With Heavy Love they went from also rans to scene leaders. In a year were pop punk has seen a surge in second rate bands, Man Overboard shine bright. (Full review)

15. Desolation Sounds by Gallows
With Desolation Sounds you get the feeling that Gallows finally found their true sound after the addition of Alexisonfire man Wade MacNeill. It’s darker and heavier yet comes out as their most accessible and finest album to date. (Full review)

14. Underdog Underfoot by Flies Are Spies From Hell
A lesson to all in how to execute near perfect post rock crescendos and crushing climaxes. Underdog Underfoot is one of those post rock albums that create a wonderfully immersive atmosphere that thrills and excites throughout. (Full review)

13. Vigils by Some Skeletons
Released only last week, Some Skeletons came storming into the Top 50 leaving most of their contemporaries in their wake. As debut albums go, Vigils is of the highest calibre. The compelling concept and story adds a level to the already immediate and thrilling music. (Full review)

12. Chapter and Verse by Funeral For A Friend
Although we didn’t know it at the time of release, as final albums go this is one of the very best. Chapter and Verse sees a harder edged FFAF yet it’s just as infectious and hook filled as their first two revered albums. It could be argued that this is their finest album. (Full review)

11. Blossom by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
An album that hits you hard and never lets go, stunningly heavy and brutal yet accessible and thoroughly enjoyable at the same time. It seems that whatever Frank Turner lends his voice to turns to gold (Gallows and Pure Love) and this is no different. (Full review)

10. Yatta! by Beared Youth Quest
Fun and raucous math rock done with aplomb. It’s the essential math rock release of 2015 and one that adds a most need light hearted element into the math rock scene. Think of You Slut! at their very best. Another reminder of the strength of releases on Lonely Voyage Records. (Full review)

9. New Bermuda by Deafheaven
Now widely recognised as the trendsetters and poster boys of Blackgaze, Deaf Heaven have in New Bermuda produced their finest and most dynamically stunning album to date. The blend of Black Metal, Shoegaze and Post Rock is something to behold and you can’t help but be in awe of this album. (Full review)

8. Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes by Hindsights
Another album that you would never have thought would be the band’s final output. A commanding and emotionally fraught album that suckers you in a packs a punch from the outset. Hindsights will be sorely missed and with this being their one and only full length album they’ve gone out on an extreme high. (Full review)

7. Colours by Vasa
The level of intricacy and the compelling dynamics within Colours leave you speechless. It’s an astounding album that immerses you in a wealth of riffs and off-kilter time structures. Another essential math rock album that should be one of your first ports of call if you’re visiting the genre for the first time. (Full review)

6. Hope Fading Nightly by Tellison
A fine example of how strong the UK alt rock scene is at the moment. Tellison are a band that go from strength to strength without seemingly getting the attention they deserve. Hope Fading Nightly is an album that you can’t help but fall in love with and feel emotionally invested in. This Tellison at their very best. (Full review)

5.No Closer To Heaven by The Wonder Years
With No Closer To Heaven, The Wonder Years surpassed all expectations and excelled beyond their pop punk roots. It is a mature and articulate album that pushes the band onto a new level. It’s still as infectious and immediate as their other albums, but one that ages with you and connects with the more refined alt punk fan. (Full review)

4. Hyperview by Title Fight
Another example of a band that have grown and matured. This time around the Title Fight deliver up a sound that wavers between post punk and melodic hardcore. Listening to Title Fight’s progression is a joy in itself, but even as a standalone album Hyperview is thrilling and compelling throughout. Whether it be the abrasive ‘Chlorine’ or the beautiful ‘Rose of Sharon’ there’s not a bum song to note. (Full review)

3. Flickering Light of An Inner War by A Plastic Rose
Find me a more immediate and hook laden album from 2015 and I’ll call you a liar. How A Plastic Rose aren’t major players in alt rock I don’t know. This is the Irish band at their very best; it’s an album that should have propelled them into the rock mainstream. It’s accessible to everyone, there are the ballads to appeal to the pop fan (Garavogue) and enough rock oomph (Someone’s Daughter) to appeal to the fan who likes a bit of punch. Don’t let this one pass you by. (Full review)

2. Full Heal by Waking Aida
This is your essential post rock release of 2015. An album that is packed to the rafters with atmospherics and stunning dynamics, there’ll be times when you’ll be left stunned and overcome with emotion. ‘Blue Shelled’ must go down as one of the best songs released in 2015, you’ll be blown away by how beautiful it and the rest of the album is. (Full review)

1. Dealer by Foxing
This really is just pure perfection. We’re still trying to come to terms with just how good Dealer is. We had high expectations after Foxing’s debut (Albatross) yet this simply blew it out of the water. There’s post rock dynamics, mixed with some math and post hardcore structures against a some delicate almost indie-folk moments. You get the sense that the band pushed themselves to the limit and it transfers through to the stunningly fragile and bursting sound. (Full Review)

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