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Singles/Videos Round-Up December 2015

Cast your minds back to the old Ferrero  Rocher advert, imagine you’re at the Ambassador’s party but replace the Ambassador with me and replace the Ferrero Rocher with some single/videos. If you’re of a different generation you probably don’t get the reference… with this round up your really spoiling us should be your next words….

Without further ado, here’s some single/videos to soundtrack your Christmas party prep.

Alright, I’ll Wait by Somos
Somos’ debut album was one of our favourites of 2014, so naturally we’re super excited for their new album coming in February 2016. This is our first glimpse into the new material, whetting the appetite and leaving us begging for more. It points to a more adult and refined sound, yet every bit as emotional.

Some Kind of Hero by Felix Hagan & The Family
Undoubtedly the best thing about this single is the video. Watch it for the animation. The music? The band are billed as a theatrical punk six piece. The punk must be buried pretty far below the surface as it certainly more Savage Garden than the Clash.

Pray Now by Red House Glory
Now this gets the round up back on track. This a stunning alt rock track with an accomplished and topical video to accompany it. Think of a harder edged version of Ash and you’ll be on the right track. The hook suckers you in and doesn’t let go. Keep an eye out for the band’s EP All Out Of Love due on the 11th December.

Ecdysis by It Lies Within
Metalcore is a genre which is easy to disregard and throw scorn upon. Occasionally though a song pops through that you enjoy. I’ll make no bones about it, this is your archetypical metalcore sound and doesn’t break the mould, yet there’s something quite enjoyable about it.

Turned to Ink by Surfacing
One metalcore track not enough for you? Here’s another, admittedly it’s markedly better and has a bit more swagger to it. Surfacing don’t seem to shy away from the fact that they’re nothing original, claiming their new album is the “album to sum up the 15 years of metalcore”. How about it also acts as the final chapter?

How It Feels To Be Defeated by Before Their Eyes
We can’t turn things round completely just yet, we’ll ease you back into the top quality tunes. Before Their Eyes deliver up a slab of inoffensive, easy alt rock that has just enough introspective lyrics and crunching guitars to appeal to Kerrang! readers. It’s not bad per se, just a bit boring.

Confessional by Blue House
A simply stunningly beautiful track. This is gentle and beguiling pop music done with aplomb. Sure it won’t get your blood pumping, but it has that powerful reflective tone that makes you stop in your tracks and pay attention. As the track develops it becomes more sturdy and punchy. Superb.

Movement by Terminal Gods
You’ll either love this or loathe it. The post punk vocal will be a decisive factor in your opinion. There’s no denying the musical quality here, it’s as exciting as post punk can be and that bass riff will resonate long after the finishes. Just try to ignore how naff the video is.

The Enforcer by Monster Truck
The band name and track title should probably tell you everything you need to know about the track. It’s a track to play whilst getting ready with a beer, not one to impress the ladies with.

Basement by The Lamplighters
The first impressions of this track aren’t great. It starts off sounding (and filmed) like a school project. The lyrical content plays along with this theme. Let the track grow on you a little and it turns out to be a slightly poorer version of Guttermouth.

Echo by Dead Boy Robotics
Something a little different here, imagine a big alt rock sound mixed with Depeche Mode and radio friendly hooks. There’s a lot going on and at times it sounds a little disjointed. It’s pretty exciting though; take it out for a test drive.

Good News by Bloc Party
We’ll finish up the singles/video round up the way we started – with a band we love. You never quite know what you’re going to get with a new Bloc Party album and with Matt Tong and Gordon Moakes leaving the band a little trepidation could be forgiven. Good News is a solid track that grows with every listen, although it doesn’t dispel any fears that the band are a shadow of their former selves. Tread carefully.

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