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Album Review: Vigils by Some Skeletons

Nottingham trio, Some Skeletons release their debut album Vigils on 4th December via Mountains of Records. It’s a formidable record – emotional melodic alt rock of the highest calibre. The band formed out of the embers of Thousands of Reflections in 2011, taking influences from Idlewild, And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Mew, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins and Brand New. It’s a compelling sound that fits the band perfectly and makes for one of the refreshing and inspiring albums of 2015.

“We’re really excited to get Vigils out there and see what people think of it” says guitarist, Aidan Blenkinsopp. “It’s the product of a fun bundle of intense hard work and hopefully captures the essence of our band – melody, noise and slapdash intricacy. We hope people enjoy being immersed in the little world we’ve created.”

Vigils does that job perfectly, it transports you away from everyday life and you feel cocooned in the warmth of the band’s immediate hook laden alt rock. Loosely inspired by the novel ‘On The Beach’ by Neville Shute, but far less apocalyptic, the debut album, ‘Vigils’ is a concept, set in a small coastal town in the early 90s, which has been experiencing some unexplained events. The songs relate to how the people in the town act as a result. “For my part, I grew up on the south coast, and a lot of my friends live in small towns around there, so I’ve tried to incorporate elements of that there – mainly partying on beaches, local busybodys and town meetings” says lyricist, Aidan. “Also there’s quite a lot of references to fictional geographical locations that are based on places I know from my youth.”

It’s hard not to get excited and totally invested in Vigils. It suckers you in and takes hold from opener ‘The Mouth’ right through to album closer ‘Rush For Mercy’. Every track plays its part perfectly creating a story and an intricate and delectable musical landscape. The rush and excitement of ‘To Exceed, To Achieve’ gets the blood racing early on while both ‘Indoor Meteors’ and ‘Up On The Rocks’ are superb. ‘Beach Party’ is a real standout track, it has all the qualities of an instant favourite and by the time the chants of ‘my dinner will be left on my plate’ come in you’ll be in love. There’s a hint of the intricacies teamed with the immediacy of Infinity Land era Biffy Clyro.

‘No Respite’ has a pop sensibility behind a storming riff that begs you to fall in love with the track. The pomp and driving force of ‘Hi, Give Me Disease’ is another real high point, the chorus is stunning and the whole feel of the track transports you back to the mid 2000s when UK alt rock was at its high point. That perhaps is the main factor is main reason why Some Skeletons are such a compelling band. They’ve taken all the finest elements of a previous generation of UK bands like Hundred Reasons, Reuben and an early Biffy Clyro and given it a 2015 feel.  It’s a sound that works perfectly and feels refreshing and exciting.

The final two tracks on Vigils carry on the theme of big melodic alt rock with ‘Ex-Sceptics’ ramming home Some Skeletons emotional impact with the help of huge blustering guitars while ‘Rush For Mercy’ is one of those rarely heard tracks that make you stop what you’re doing and knocks you for six. Lyrically it has apocalyptic undertones providing a end to the concept but it’s the music that gives the biggest blow. It’ll strike an emotional chord with even the stoniest of hearted.

If you were to find one fault with Vigils it’d be that it doesn’t feel long enough. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes you want it to go on and you’re left begging for more. One listen alone it’s possible. Some Skeletons have produced a debut album of the highest calibre, not only is this essential listening, but you’ve just been introduced to your new favourite band.

AD Rating 9.5/10


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  1. With all those bands named as their influences, it makes me want to check this band out!

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