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Singles/Videos round up November

Seeing as we’ve been pretty lax in our singles and video round ups of late, we’ve decided to give you a bumper edition. Here’s some of the must hear tracks and new music from November to wrap your ears around.

Victorious by Wolfmother
Remember them? The Australian band first made waves back in 2005 with their big hair and big rock. Since then they’ve kind of slipped off the radar a little, with ‘Victorious’ they’ve gone back to that big sound and it contains no surprises. Lifted from a new album of the same name, it’s good but not great.

Turn Me On by Matt Grocott & The Shrives
As an initial warning, the band’s main selling point seems to be the fact they’ve been spotted by Billie Joe Armstrong’s (Green Day) Joey. Father and son play on the upcoming album with Billie Joe producing. Overall it is a pretty decent punk rock song, it has all the hooks and ‘woo ha’s’ you could possibly want and it’s pretty inoffensive. Shame it’s just completely unoriginal.

I’m Awake by Intervals
With a heavy blend of post rock and math-metal this has all the ingredients for an early roundup highlight. It delivers with aplomb, intricate and raucous ‘I’m Awake’ is a thrilling listen that throws curveballs around wildly. Veering from post rock to math to prog some may say it comes close to pretentiousness. Think a heavier Chon.

Fiction by Everybody Looks Famous
Feeding off the current trend for female fronted rock bands, Everybody Looks Famous release their new single ‘Fiction’. It’s good middle of the road rock music, yet it doesn’t offer anything particularly new or offensive. Music for the Kerrang! readers – bland.

Passing by Fresh
Now this is what female fronted rock music should sound like. Raucous and full of energy, ‘Passing’ delivers a short and effective punch to the guts. The punk undercurrent is the highlight and the impassioned vocal gives the track a drive and excitement lacked by the preceding track.

Neighbour by Cherri Fosphate
Awash with a vocal with a Scottish twang, a comparison to The View is easy but not without merit. There’s more of an indie swagger to Cherri Fosphate though and this is on a different level. Catchy and instantaneous the dynamics work a treat and Cherri Fosphate should be ones to watch.

Animal Without Backbone by Black International
Acting as the lead single from their new album A Lesson In Repression this marks out Black International as ones to watch. Dirty, blistering alt rock this is your hidden gem. Keep your eyes peeled for our review of the album.

Same Streets by Campfires
Another band coming to the fore in the new wave of UK Pop Punk. Campfires come in on the emo side of things – more akin to Moose Blood and The Wonder Years rather than Neck Deep and ROAM. It’s easy to dismiss this new wave of UK Pop Punk, but you’d be  fool to let this one pass you by.

The Crush: Eyes of Fire by Abraham Sarache
We’ll leave you with something a bit different… The track forms part of a progressive rock concept album called “The Gardener”, a project that innovates with cuatro & ukulele as new tools for alternative sounds. With that we’ll let the track do the talking.

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