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Album Review: No Pleasure by USA Nails

Forming out of parts of Oceansize and Hawkeyes, USA Nails released their new album No Pleasure on the 6th November through Smalltown America and Bigout. What should you expect? Simply put lots of noise and loads of discordant guitars. Think a version of Sonic Youth that’s been put through a grinder and spat out covered in the phlegm of Blacklisters. While for the post part No Pleasure is a challenging and at times difficult listen, it all comes out in an invigorating and exciting aural assault.

The best advice we could give to anybody new to USA Nails, is to expect the unexpected. Even though it isn’t a hundred miles removed from members previous bands you’d be a fool to expect something similar.  It’s worth pointing out that No Pleasure is an acquired taste, don’t make this your first stop in noise rock, ease yourself in a little and gradually arrive at this album.

Now that you’re more adequately prepared you’ll be able to appreciate No Pleasure for the great album it is. The blistering power and energy being each of the 11 tracks is something to behold. With each listen the album becomes more enjoyable and it all starts to make sense. The noise and discordance is measured and purposeful, like their label mates Blacklisters you get the sense that USA Nails have written songs with pop sensibilities and tried to fuck them up as much as possible.

Opener and single ‘I Am Normal’ is a good reference point for the album, it pinpoints the visceral sound to a tee. While the menacing sound dictates the majority of the album the hooks and immediacy creep in during the brilliant ‘You Sing for Yourself’ and the chaotic, fast paced energy of ‘Laugh It Up’ make it an instant favourite. After the third or fourth spin of No Pleasure you’ll find yourself properly falling in love with the majority of the tracks. ‘You’re a Stain’ develops into a stunning track, while the grunge infused slow burner of ‘Automated Cyst’ worms itself into your conscience, the succulent bass line will pop up in your head when you least expect it.

You can’t help but grin from ear to ear through the garage rock assault of ‘Make Me Art’ and the groove and swagger of ‘I Am in a Van’ make the track stand out as being as being one of the true high points of No Pleasure. Try as you will, you’ll find it hard to cope with the levels of distortion and noise within ‘They’d Name an Age’ yet it’s a very small blotch in an otherwise great album.

Not one for the faint hearted, but more for the noise rock purist No Pleasure provides you with a real treat. It feels like a breath of fresh air, get in on the action and persist. USA Nails are the antithesis to the pop norm, the world needs USA Nails.

AD Rating 7.75/10

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