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Album Review: Maybe Tomorrow by Ivadell

Ivadell have released their debut album Maybe Tomorrow on Broken Circles. Hailing from Columbia, SC, the band are part of the 90s revivalist scene, currently making waves. What makes Ivadell stand out is the fact that they don’t merely replicate the 90s sound, the music embodies the feeling and sonic dynamics of the decade.

It’s not purely 90s style going on in their sound either. They cross the boundaries of post hardcore, alt rock and dynamic metal. Think a hybrid of Deftones, The Joy Formidable and Silversun Pickups. Maybe Tomorrow is a truly excellent album that excites and thrills throughout. It’s one of those rarely seen albums that make you stand up, take notice and realise that you’re listening to something special.

Put the album in comparison to last year’s EP Flow and it’s slightly disconcerting how much the band have grown and improved. We loved Flow, so naturally with this marked improved improvement, we can’t help but lavish praise upon Maybe Tomorrow. One of the great things you’ll find about the album is that it grows on you. On first listen opener ‘Temporary Sound’ comes across as a band finding their feet and setting the tone, the impact isn’t immediate yet after your 3rd listen you’ll find it becoming a highlight. The same cannot be said of ‘Simplify’, it has an instantaneous energy that gets the bloody rushing from the outset. It shows the band at their most accessible, the hooks are delightful and the soaring guitars engrain themselves, begging to be played at full volume.

From that point on Maybe Tomorrow goes from strength to strength. ‘Loch Ness’ displays Ivadell’s ability to blend soaring and expansive sounds with an urgent and delectable hook. Like its predecessor it has all the right ingredients to an extremely successful rock song.  The urgency of the intro to title track ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ gives way to a beautifully delicate and expansive sound that will transport you back to the glory days of the 90s. Yet again the band throws in some hooks of the highest calibre. The tempo is slowed right down for the tear jerkingly brilliant ‘Passing On’, elements of post rock and shoegaze combine in what would affect even the coldest hearted. The crunching and menacing riff ‘Antilion’ plays the perfect antithesis to the gentle vocal, musically it is the heaviest on Maybe Tomorrow – channelling more a grunge sound – it works wonderfully and shines as a superb track.

There’s a slightly different feel to the latter half of Maybe Tomorrow. The sound is given a glimmer of an update, most notably on ‘Unknown Divide’. The post hardcore riffs provide a more raucous sound that set the hair on your arms on end. There’s a different level of energy to the track that you can feel repeated again in the largely acoustic ‘Rearrange’.  As the track come to its crescendo, it explodes into a brilliant wall of distorted and soaring guitars, a beautiful moment that reinforces just how good Maybe Tomorrow is. If that didn’t provide enough evidence then album closer ‘You’re Fire’ should convert you, commanding and powerful it drives home the fact that Ivadell could just have become your new favourite band.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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