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EP Review: The Second Floral EP by Floral

San Francisco math rock duo Floral have signed with Esque Records to release their sophomore EP, aptly titled The Second Floral EP on 1st November. What the band lack in imaginative EP titles they make up for in the complexity of their music. Take the math rock template and ramp it up a notch and you have Floral.

“By the time the first Floral EP was finished tracking most of these songs were already written,” says guitarist Nate Sherman. “Overall, I think our sound is much more refined and fitted to the aesthetic I am trying to convey with this release. That being said, please make these songs your own experience! The joy of instrumental music is that specification is out of the picture as a listener interprets raw sound”

That interpretation couldn’t be more accurate, it’s more of the same but different. You have that distinctive Floral sound yet it has become a little cleaner and tidier around the edges. It is something that’s obvious from opener ‘Marsh Partition’ the level of detail is still there, yet its tighter and feels more practised. It does the band the world of good; it becomes an easier listen while still retaining some challenging elements.

The snappy ‘Town Picnic’ hints that the EP is of a higher standard before it’s confirmed by the astounding ‘A Shepherds Bumfit’ and ‘French for Vignette’. Both are stunning pieces of emotive math rock, shining in their intricacies creating a sonic landscape that some more established bands can only dream of. ‘Unfair Treaty’ feels like your being assaulted by wave after wave of riffs and notes, coming together in a wonderfully tight yet free sounding form. EP closer ‘Spirit Marathon’ shows Floral at their strongest, there’s something magically gentle to the cacophony of sounds. They transport you into a whole different world.

Allow Floral to creep onto your radar, this is math rock done with aplomb.

AD Rating 7/10

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