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EP Review: Heaven & Earth by Arcane Roots

Arcane Roots release their new EP Heaven & Earth on 16th October via Easy Life/Sony Red. Picking up where their 2013 debut album Blood & Chemistry left off, you have 5 tracks coming in at around 30 minutes – value for money and the ideal medicine for fans that were craving new material.

It feels more than a stop gap between albums; it’s a fully formed beast with a mini album feel. It tells the story of the intense personal struggle involved in being the person you want to be in life, and the constant temptation to give it all up and find some stillness and quiet.

Opener ‘If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves’ is a formidable way for Arcane Roots to announce their return. Blisteringly heavy and at times brutal, it is up there with the hardest moments the band have committed to record. Andrew Groves’ vocal resonates and pulses with emotion. Along with the phenomenal guitar work the vocal is stretched and suits the heavier tones of the track. ‘When Did The Taste Leave Your Mouth’ goes for a more traditional Arcane Roots with a refined heaviness, again it gets the blood racing.

‘Leaving’ is the standout moment of Heaven & Earth. Combining the band’s best elements in its quiet / loud / quiet / loud approach you get the full range of Arcane Roots supreme musical talents. While it’d be fair to say that Groves’ vocal doesn’t quite have the range of his guitar playing, he does the best with what he’s got and delivers some stunning anthemic lines. In the words of Groves ‘Slow Dance’ deals with “that moment of clarity and grace, when you experience what it means to you to be alive, to be the person you want to be and it is as if you can feel the world spinning”. The track follows in euphoric fashion and for the build up and guitar riff at the 2 minute mark is worth its weight in gold. It shows Arcane Roots at their accessible best and with the right backing the track could propel them into the mainstream. ‘Vows & Ceremony’ acts as a perfect closer, full of emotion and stunning guitar work, it hits home just how good Heaven & Earth is.

Heaven & Earth is a welcome return from Arcane Roots, and it just may be their best work to date. Stunning and inspiring throughout, an essential listen.

AD Rating 9/10

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  1. I’m excited for this one! I’ll let you know what I think of it too.

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