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Album Review: Colours by VASA

Glasgow post rock instrumentalists Vasa release their debut album Colours on 16th October. Frantic and inventive from the outset you’ll find Colours to be an exhilarating listen. Combining the intricacies of math rock with the sonic landscapes and heavy riffs of post rock, the musical poweress and talent is immediate and times awe inspiring.

Generally Vasa lie within the harder edged confines of post rock, although you’ll find the rhythm changes akin to bands that blur that line between math and post rock like And So I Watch You From Afar. While Colours heaviness is a theme throughout, it’s their euphoric nature that really hits home. As is par of the course with many instrumental albums, it’s emotional and you’d be hard pushed not to walk away from Colours with a massive grin.

From the intro of ‘Smashlets’ and the stunning ‘As Long As It Doesn’t Explode’ you get the feeling you’re listening to something special as each riff and little intricacy oozes quality. It only takes until the utter superb third track, ‘Fat Ronaldo’, to compound the fact that Colours is one of the must hear albums of 2015. The frantic energy builds throughout and as the track comes to its crushing crescendo you’re bouncing around revelling in the tracks glory.

The electronic elements of ‘Not A Cop’ are reminiscent of Adebisi Shank at their frantic best while the duelling guitars make you think of Alt Dialogue favourites Lost In The Riots. It’s a superb track, executed with aplomb. ‘Punched’ gives a brief respite from the assault of riffs with some laid make post rock noodling before ‘The Angry Dome’ combines the best of both worlds with frantic and intricate riffs blending over the top of soaring riffs, it’s massively uplifting and even joyous to hear. The quiet / loud /quiet / loud structure of the track allows you to hear the full range of the band and by the final crescendo you’ll be left with an open jaw and the urge to listen again.

The drums come to fore in ‘Cynthia’ throwing weird time signatures a sumptuous groove into the mix. As the track breaks down at its midway point it turns into a post rock behemoth with epic, crashing riffs coming from all angles.  The complexity of ‘Ergonomic Keyboard’ is astounding, resulting in one of those moments when you have to question what you’ve just heard. The monstrous riffs guide you through, yet you can’t help but be flummoxed by the quality on show. ‘Poseidon’s Kiss’ closes Colours in fitting fashion, saving the most ambitious and expansive track to the end, Vasa hammer the album qualities home. As any good closing track should do, it takes in all the tones and flavours of the preceding 9 tracks and conjures up a phenomenal beast. Every note oozes quality and emotion.

Colours revels in its own complexity. Its frantic energy engrains itself in your very core and within a couple of listens you’ll find yourself falling in love with it. The joy and positivity seep out of Colours at every juncture. This is essential listening.

AD Rating 9.5/10

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