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Album Review: Greyhound Dreams by Sam Russo

Suffolk songwriter Sam Russo releases his second album Greyhound Dreams on 9th October via Specialist Subject Records / Red Scare. It is ten stripped back, intimate acoustic tracks dealing with how it feels to be in love, alone, desperate.

It’s not your normal singer/songwriter affair, there’s no palaver, there’s no gimmick. The rawness doesn’t feel contrived, it is natural, hard hitting and deeply affecting. Greyhound Dreams is a deeply personal album that will strike a chord with every listener. You’d need a heart of stone not to feel some emotion when listening to the delicate and lovelorn lyrics of ‘Eye Candy’.

The rasping vocal of Sam Russo lends the sound a unique point that stands him out from the crowd; it’s a voice conducive to emotion and rawness. The female backing vocals give ‘Crayfish Tales’ and ‘Eye Candy’ and extra layer, but Russo’s vocal alone is immediate and tender enough to win over any listener. There’s a punk energy simmering just below the surface on all the tracks and an easy comparison could be made towards an early Frank Turner sound. You could largely dismiss that comparison as the lyrical content and feel of the album is completely different. It will however put you on the right track.

Russo Landscape

Greyhound Dreams has some brilliant tracks, ‘Runaways’ is as raucous as things get and as such sounds like Russo at his free-ist and most fun and while ‘Forever West’ takes things back to the sombre and introspective tone it stands out as being one of the starkest and most emotional tracks on the album.

You certainly won’t find Greyhound Dreams an uplifting listen; it is rooted in bleakness and tales of loneliness and lost love. It’ll act as a cathartic listen for anybody in that shape of mind and let others take a minute to be thankful for what they’ve got. The angst and fuck you energy of ‘Nobody’s Fool’ is a track that most will be able to relate to, but it’s the guitar work on the track that really needs to be admired, full of passion and gusto they’re married against some beautiful strings that seep emotion.

From the outset Greyhound Dreams takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. Let the emotion wash over you and lose yourself in the lyrics and gentle guitars. Take inspiration and you’ll come out smiling.

AD Rating 7/10

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