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Single / Videos / Track Round up – September 2015

We can only apologise for our recent lackadaisical attitude to single / video / track round ups. To make up for it we’re delivering a bumper edition. Get your ears all over the best of new music.

Where’d Your Love Go? by Wecamefromwolves

The forthcoming single from the Scottish rockers is one of the strongest tracks from their debut album. It’s a slow burner, yet has all the swagger and groove of any well established mainstream rock band. With previous singles the band have threatened to break into mainstream, Where’d Your Love Go? is the band at their most accessible and may just do the job.


Birds and the Bees by The Marivaux

Call me cynical, but when your new single’s biggest selling point is the fact that it was directed by (and stars) an ex-Coronation Street star doesn’t fill me with confidence. Fortunately for The Marivaux, Birds and the Bees is a nice summery track. It’s not particularly original, there’s a cross between a Madchester sound and the Cribs. Enjoyable but not groundbreaking


Road Of The Law by Terminal Gods

If post punk is your thing then you’ll be loving the new track by Terminal Gods. There’s all the stomp and bluster you’d expect from a post punk band, the riffs sound fresh and the bassline sounds great. The sumptuous vocal from Robert Cowlin is the track best feature.


Iwazaru by Robocobra Quartet

Ready for something completely different? You probably won’t hear anything else like Iwazaru by Robocobra Quartet this week. It’s divisive stuff, you’ll either love it or loathe it. It’s a little chaotic and on first listen you’d be forgiven for questioning the point of the tack. Try it again and you’ll appreciate it more.


White Flags by A Mouth Full Of Matches

When the band first appeared on our radar last year with their ‘Smoke Screen’ EP it seemed like a case of style over substance. It with trepidation that we gave this track a go, and it’s a welcome surprise that the band have come on leap and bounds. It’s still middle of the road mainstream rock with a Kerrang! friendly sound, you just feel a lot less dirty this time around.


Unknown Divide by Ivadell

The band’s debut EP Flow was a favourite of ours and if this first taster of their debut is anything to go by we’re in for a treat. Out on November 6th, Maybe Tomorrow, is set to propel the band onto a wider audience. Uknown Divide is a commanding track full of big post hardcore riffs and atmosphere. The growth of the band is immediately obvious.


Doored by Haybaby

The bastard love child of Sonic Youth, Blondie and The Pixies you’ll find this to be the hidden gem within our round up. Sludgey noise pop, this is the perfect fuck you to the working week. Riotous and oozing with attitude, it’s an exhilarating listen. Not for the faint hearted.


Simulation by Living Dead Girl

We’ve already thrown one curveball into the mix, why not up the ante with this one. Deep, dark and brooding electro you’ll find Simulation by Living Dead Girl to be not only haunting by incredibly enthralling. It suckers you in, throws lots of different noises  at you and leaves you begging for more.


Last Screen Goddess by False Flags

Forming out of the burning embers of Whores Whores Whores, Red Stars Parade and Year Of The Man, False Flags have a sound rooted in the Leed DIY hardcore/metal sound of the late 00s. The sound comes out fresh and full of vitality. It’s a brilliant taster of their forthcoming mini album ‘Hexmachine’


Bagged by Drug Church

With the new Drug Church album coming soon, Bagged whets the appetite and raises expectations. It picks up where their EP Swell left off. It’s full of big crunching riffs and alt rock tones – teamed with the impassioned vocal it sets the blood raising and is the perfect way to sign off this round up!


Wrong Cops by Samoans

Acting as the band’s (new track) contribution to a split EP with Freeze The Atlantic, this is a stomping piece of alt rock. The Cardiff band have upped their game since their debut album and provide a ferocious yet immediate track.

The Floor Is Made of Lava by Freeze The Atlantic

Conversely this is is Freeze The Atlantic’s contribution. They’ve always been a band to act as a marker on how to do current post hardcore and this again is work of the highest standard. They’ve got the pedigree (former members of Hundred Reasons and Reuben) and it acts as an appetite whetter for more new material. Catch them on tour with Samoans.


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