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EP Review: Shit Present by Shit Present

Shit Present is new band from Iona Cairns (who you may know from Great Cynics) along with members / ex members of Gnarwolves, OK Pilot, The Computers & The Smith Street Band. Their debut self titled EP, out now digitally and on 12” vinyl on 23rd October on Specialist Subject Records, is full of riotous poppy punk.

Immediate and infectious, you’ll find all 5 tracks on Shit Present to be fun and bouncy. ‘Anxious Me’ get things going with a lament of people that got you down before ‘Kick Me’ takes on a defiant tone to people (or a particular person) that’s left you in the lurch. Iona Cairns’ delectable vocal gives each track a real charm, but it’s the spiky punk backdrop that really sucker you in. Sure there’s similarities to Great Cynics, this time the pop sensibilities are ramped up yet still incorporate the punk intergrity.

‘Melbourne’ has a light and airy tone which acts as a brilliant tonic to the barbed lyrics. ‘Evaporate’ takes you on a unruly punk journey, as the bass throbs Cairns’ vocal broods with a simmering menace, when the track explodes it’s glorious – the instantaneous hooks engrain themselves and you can’t help but sing along. ‘Bury It’ takes things down a notch, before exploding into a big punk rock track. Its quiet-loud-quiet-loud structure makes it every bit as enthralling as the preceding four tracks, if not more.

As side projects go Shit Present are up there with the best, get in on this EP now.

AD Rating 8/10

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